September 18, 2010

4 Ways to speed up your blog

Have you ever heard Page Rank? Well you could have if you are a blogger [click here to check your Future Page Rank]. Google considers many aspects when it awards the Page Rank for a particular web page and some of the other crucial factors are incoming links, the authority of the page and much more. Google has started considering another factor also these days which is nothing but the loading speed of the page.Therefore, it is important for us to understand how we can increase the load speed of the blog or in other words decrease the load time of the blog

Here are 4 simple ways which you can use to speed up your site;

1. Add a slash behind the URL

This is the most important step and it has been proved by many as well. You must add a backslash ‘/’ behind the main URL of the blog and also to all other pages. This will increase the loading speed of the Blog. Make sure you do this for all the pages. This will also add search engine benefits. If there is a slash behind the URL, the server comes to know that the URL has ended and it doesn’t search for the domain extension like .php or .html or anything else. The server directly transfers the request to that page and loads it directly. This saves the page load time a bit.

2. Cache Plug-in

This is the next thing you must do to increase the loading speed of the page. WP-Super Cache is the best known plug-in which can make things really easy for you. Install the plug-in and add the code to the .htaccess file.  You must also change the right permission to 7-7-7 via FTP.  Caching stores the site files on users computer and thus enables fast loading when next time user opens your website. This also saves your site bandwidth along with fast loading of site.

3. Remove unwanted plug-ins

This is the next step that you must take care. Plug-in can make your Blog/Site really slow as it loads every time with some scripts around the corner.  There is no need to delete all unused plug-ins from the server but you must deactivate all unused plug-ins. Also remove their codes from your theme files if present any. This ensures that unnecessary items are not loaded.

4. Remove Unnecessary Javascript

Many a times you add javascript in your site. Don’t forget to remove the unnecessary ones. Rather than removing, if it’s possible, add these javascripts in the footer so that they load when the whole page has loaded. Do this carefully as this may even cause your them to break!

Do you know of any more tips? Please share your views with us.

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  1. I’ve more than 20 years experience in web development (php/mysql/etc), have created more than 500 sites from scratch… and I can assure you – slash at the end of URL won’t speed up your blog in any way. You want speed? Shell out $20 for a decent VPS, hire a freelancer to install it – that will cost you, well maybe $100-200 once. Specifically install your blog on Nginx, instead of Apache (which is default for most of shared hostings). That will speed up the server site really well (I’ve survived sucessfully hundreds of thousands of hits per day). And yes – caching will help too. Although in my experience caching on WordPress is halfbaked – too many bugs.

    As for the client-side – yes, JavaScripts can kill loading times.

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