February 23, 2011

5 tips to write a great blog post

A short checklist on a good blog post.

While writing for your blog, you should keep in mind whatever you are writing is driving the maximum traffic for you with maximum information being conveyed to your readers. In the upcoming paragraphs, a few tips are listed to improve writing style for blog writing.


1.       Title selection – The first thing you write in a blog post is title. Title is the first thing that a reader sees and if it’s attractive, he will go ahead with the remaining post. The indexing of a blog post in a search engine is very much dependent on the title as well. So, an attractive title would redirect more traffic for you through search engines. In the present era, when everyone is in a hurry, people prefer subscribing to RSS feeds instead of visiting sites daily. Since an RSS feed has title and first few lines, an attractive title would definitely convert RSS readers to blog visitors. Your keyword should also be a part of your title. If you write a blog post about Medifast and Nutrisystem coupons, choose a title relevant to it.

2.       Body writing – Every blog post should revolve around a central idea or theme. It should only move around a specific theme only. The sentences used should be connected to each other. As keyword is stated in title, a proper keyword density should also be maintained in the body as well. It should be mentioned at least twice within the body. The length of the body doesn’t make much difference. If you don’t have much content related to a blog post, it’s better to write a few lines than to repeat the same idea in different re-phrasing. It will bore your reader and might result in loss of credibility of your blog. Also, try to be friendly with your readers. It’s not always not necessary to be so much professional but funny expressions and jokes sometimes look good. Do whatever it takes to connect to your audience. In case of Medifast and Nutrisystem coupons, you could use catchy statements of giving discount to your readers.

3.       Tags selection – Tags are very much important as they are going to be indexed in search engines as well. Mention only those tags in a blog post which are relevant as irrelevant tags would definitely result in loss of credibility. Moreover, write an appropriate number of tags and don’t flood a post with so many tags.

4.       Number of Categories – The lesser categories you have, the better it is. Don’t confuse your reader between the categories he wants to browse through. Moreover, the lesser categories you have, more posts will be within a category. A reader entering into a category will scroll through more numbers of posts in this case and might get attracted by more posts in this whole process.

5.       Miscellaneous Tips – Always check your blog post against any spelling and grammatical mistakes. Always proof-read the written post and check it against any typos. Use keywords very often. Keep in mind the interest of your audience. It’s always give and take. If someone is coming to your blog and spending some time, you must provide him with enough information that he realizes that his time isn’t wasted.

This is a guest post by Saksham, who writes on technology.


  1. Those are some great tips dude, It is really important to write a great eye catching title for the post, because title is the fast thing that catches the visitors eyes.

  2. Hey Saksham, great tips. I always try to find killer titles for my posts, because this is what readers first see in the home page. If the title is capturing enouth then the post has more possibilities to be read

  3. Yes these elements are essential for writing a post and choosing right tags gives positive results in SERP. Thanks for guidelines.

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