September 14, 2010

6 tips to revive old blog posts, reduce bounce rate and engage readers

Increase traffic reduce bounce rate revive old posts

As the headline says; this post is primarily about 3 aspects which would ultimately will help increase traffic and make your blog better than what it is currently. So, below are some tips/plugins that would help you in this:

  • Random Posts – As the name says, this widget/plugin will display random posts from your choice of categories on the side bar of your blog. You can also choose the number of posts you want to show. You can download the plugin from here
  • LinkWithin – One of the most popular and important plugins that will help reduce your bounce rate and provide the readers with options of more posts is LinkWithin. This plugin displays similar posts to the post that the visitor is reading alongwith a thumbnail. So it not only provides relevant information, but it looks good as well. Download this plugin from here
  • Popular Posts – This plugin displays the your most popular posts. So whenever there is a visitor he/she can always check out the most read posts on your blog. Again, you choose the number of posts you want to display. Download this plugin here
  • SEO Smart Links – SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. Further, it also allows you to set up your own keywords and set of matching URLs. Everything happens completely transparent, and you can edit the options from the administration settings panel. So it helps you link your old blog posts and help them stay on your blog for information rather than going out. Download the plugin here
  • Categorization – This is no plugin, but just a tip! Please ensure that your blog is well categorized, i.e. all the posts are distributed amongst proper categories. This helps in easy navigation which helps visitors to stay on your blog and read more and more of your blog posts.
  • Submission to relevant sites/networks – All the old posts that you have would surely have not been submitted to each social network or site. So ensure that you keep submitting all the old blog posts on places like dig, indli and delicious. That would certainly help you get more and more traffic

These are some of the tips we have benefitted from on this blog. Do you know of any more such methods? If yes, please share them here, we would love to have your opinions on this.


  1. Your commenters are the most valuable people who spend time to read and comment on your blog. So I suppose plugins like CommentLuv that you are using is a good way of rewarding your commenters.

    Also maybe setting your blog to Do Follow. And also displaying a list of the top commenters on your blog. All such points help your commenters and in turn develop good relations between you and them.

    • vishalgaba

      Totally Kevin – It is important to reward your readers. Comment Luv, top commentators as well as Do follow are a couple of things. It is also very important to respond to all the comments that you get 🙂

  2. Informative! I would see how to apply it.

    • vishalgaba

      Yes, you should surely apply these.

  3. what about for blogger?

    • vishalgaba

      Well, Nalini, I’m trying to learn about blogger as well but since I have been operating on wordpress I can confidently recommend what is good/bad for wordpress.

    • Nalini you get similar widgets for blogger as well. For example on my blog I already use linkwithin and random posts.
      I am looking forward to find a widget that will display the image along with the post in these widgets.

  4. I feel LinkWithin doesn’t link to the right blogs. I’m not sure what criterion they choose to find relevant posts though.

    • vishalgaba

      Hey Vee – My experience with Linkwithin is pretty decent. the problem comes when there are overlapping categories. It also helps reduce the bounce rate by providing more options to read.

  5. Thanks for the inputs. I find them helpful..But would be great if you could suggest the alternatives for Blogger also.

    • vishalgaba

      Hey Sid, I’m sorry but as mentioned above, Im not an expert in blogger as yet. [ or for that matter, not even on wordpress]. I’m just putting in techniques that have helped my blog grow. Will post something on blogger very soon.

  6. Thanks for the informative stuff. I have tried all these and now feel that SEO links and popular posts are excellent. Linkwithin is sometimes buggy (with certain themes) and create awful effects when the site is loading. Categorization is a good tip, not only to engage your readers but it also gives a clean and professional look for the blog.

    • vishalgaba

      Yes Jane. I think you should implement all of these to attract more readers and create a more engaging blog.A clean look is always better than something that bombards the visitors with loads and loads of info!

  7. Great Post – will be very useful both for newbies and seasoned bloggers..

    • vishalgaba

      Thanks…you should surely implement them and let us know the difference 🙂

  8. Leaving informative and insightful comments on similar blogs can be a great way to draw some attention to your new blog and revive it. Maybe slap a new theme in and really add a touch on “new car feel”!

    • vishalgaba

      Absolutely Houston…both of these things can be extremely crucial in drawing people to your blog.

  9. Nice tips there.. wouldn’t help much if the content is not organized in the right way.

    • vishalgaba

      Hey Mohan – for sure, there is no denying on the fact that ‘content is the king’. The most important factor that makes a visitor a ‘reader’ is content.

  10. VERY VERY useful! Thanks a lot 🙂

    • vishalgaba

      Your welcome :)…do us these tips and let me know what you think

  11. Maybe unrelated to reviving old blog posts, but the use of images is an important factor to draw attention. Not just any image, but relevant to the content and engaging ones. Flickr helps a lot in this case.

    • vishalgaba

      Definitely, images play an important role in attraction attention so it is always good to use multimedia content [pictures or videos] wherever possible. Thanks for this good point Suman

  12. great post dude spec. for newbe bloggers:)

    • vishalgaba

      Thanks Shashank 🙂

  13. The LinkWithin plugin look interesting, and I see you use it on your blog. I like people who not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk:) There are to many webmasters just listing up recommended plugins without even try them themselves..
    The LinkWithin is not a plugin from the wordpress directory so I am a bit skeptical..

    • vishalgaba

      Yes, you should use it…it is really useful.

  14. Among these ways or plugins, I think the most effective is the linkwithin. Readers can check all related posts that may help them get other ideas about that post itself. In that way, they might be a loyal visitors of your blog.

    • vishalgaba

      Agree with you.

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