March 16, 2010

A faster, better and an enhanced browser awaits you: Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft launched the preview code of the underlying rendering engine of the Internet Explorer 9 at the MIX10, the company’s developer conference on Tuesday in Las Vegas. The primary focus areas for the new browser are improved speed, and support for new Web standards, particularly HTML 5 and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Microsoft is showcasing IE9 via software called Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview accompanied with a Test Drive site which consists of sample content for viewing in the Platform Preview or any browser. What you see would be a toned-down version which will only be able to render content.

There are a lot of new features that IE9 brings along (will write in the most simplistic manner I can):

  • Hardware acceleration – The new browser will use Microsoft’s DirectX technologies which are recognized for being a ‘gamers paradise’ i.e. it will help the browser display high-quality text and graphics faster. Do check out the video in the Platform Preview, it includes an amazing demo in which oversized icons for the major browsers fly around the screen in formation at high speed. You will forget other browsers!
  • HTML5: IE9 will support HTML5 that will allow web sites to deliver the rich interactivity associated with Adobe Flash and Microsoft SilverLight without using plug-ins. It will also allow browser to display videos with ease
  • Scalable vector graphics – SVG is a Web standard for displaying line-oriented images like drawings, charts, and architectural drawings with any resolution and without any glitches. IE9 has successfully managed to capture SVG and if this works well should be a major crowd puller. Simply put, no images or charts will be pixilated in your browser now!
  • Faster JavaScript: IE9 works on a new JavaScript engine called Chakra, which compiles scripts on the fly so it can run them much faster.

The features seem to be bang on and this seems to be a well thought out move by the technology giant…whether Microsoft has got it right or not, remains to be seen!


  1. Thanks for such useful information,
    I’m waiting for the new browser…

  2. sounds great…can’t wait to try it!

  3. guys i don’t have much knowledge about these issues; i mean it would be safe if i declare myself technically challenged :((

    tell me something, like microsoft comes out with upgraded versions of IE, do firefox and google chrome also do so??? i mean i have heard of MS coming out with IE6, then 7, then 8 but never heard of firefox doing so (this may be due to my ignorance though 🙁 )

  4. vishalgaba

    @ Shri & Nalini – Yes, it is going to be one of the best in the business

    @Varun – You are right, all these browsers have had earlier versions and companies come up with new versions on a regular basis. Obviously, when they come up with these new versions, they are much better and have many more features than the previous ones.

  5. Man IE 8 was terrible……well it wasn’t only IE8, the package released by MS at that time..MS office 07 ….outlook 07 really sucked….then the whole suite….also….then Vista i think was the worst product of MS……and many more……

    Glad they came up with Windows 7 and IE9 …..i’m also waiting for MS office 10 to release…


  6. vishalgaba

    @ Hitesh – I agree with you on IE8 and Vista….they are arguably the biggest blunders of Microsoft but Office 2007 is something I really really like. In fact, powerpoint and outlook are awesome. Outlook now also has the Social Connector which gets all your Facebook and LinkedIn updates in your inbox –

  7. Bhargavi

    Awaiting eagerly…especially after the bad experience with IE 8.

  8. Well i have tried out the beta and rc releases of the browser and is pretty big leap over ie 8 in terms of performace and security on the the other hand firefox beta 4 also proves itself to be a great competitor my choice is stil firefox beta 4 cause of variety of addons and personas but ie 8 users will be really pleased with this release from microsoft 🙂

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