Welcome to my site, I hope you will find your stay productive/ entertaining.  This page is dedicated to introducing myself to all of you. While I have tried keeping it short and engaging but in case you get bored, try another section of the website using the navigation panel on the left of your screen.

The Family

Born to laborious parents who spent their youth striving hard to ensure a decent lifestyle, it was easy to keep my feet on the ground. The grandparents spent majority of their time raising me and probably that’s why, my parents think that I am a reflection of their personality.


The pressure to score a 90% every time I sat in an exam was characteristic to my demographic profile but my Dad’s passion for cricket helped me pursue this beautiful game. While I could not score 90% ever, the typical Gemini curiosity pushed me to explore it all from music to debates, from playing drums to writing soft poems in school.

I enjoyed my student life to the fullest. Usually a favorite with all my teachers (except for mathematics teacher may be), I owe tremendously to all of them. Participation in extracurricular activities had the most resounding impact on my personality especially on my communication skills. The exposure not only helped me interact with more people and learn more, it gave me the ability to imagine, create and nurture ideas.

The professional journey

In the 5 years of my professional experience thus far, I have worked in three tangentially different roles (from a writer to a corporate banker), started a company and shut it down (still working on it in my mind), published over 50 articles in leading English dailies and most importantly met and made friends with some of the most interesting people in the world.

The interesting bit

I am addicted to current affairs (I check google news in every 15 mins). I love interacting with people. Although not an outright extrovert, I enjoy engaging discussions and debates. I play cricket at least once a week and consider singing as the most effective stress buster. I am passionate about gadgets, pens and cars. Reading calms me down while writing liberates me.

Married to a beautiful girl from Delhi, I aspire to travel the whole world with her on my side. I want my parents and little sister to be proud of me and hope that the world will remember me with the values that my grand-parents  instilled in me.

As they say “life is a journey”, so is this post. I will keep on updating it. You can reach out to me on mail, FB, Twitter and off course through the comments section below.

Hope I can write compelling stuff and get you coming back to this place.

Thanks for tuning in.