March 23, 2010

Bill Gates & Toshiba team-up to solve two of the biggest problems of the world!

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, who is also the owner and advocate of Nuclear-startup TerraPower is in talks with Japanese technology company Toshiba to develop a small nuclear reactor.

The team of Terra Power and Toshiba will focus on nuclear traveling wave reactor technology(TWR),which is a new type of small nuclear reactor design that can use the waste byproduct of the enrichment process i.e. It can consume depleted uranium as fuel. TWR’s have been under development since the 1990’s, but TerraPower is one of the first companies to have come up with a implementable design for this technology.

The core benefit that this design will offer is that reactor will not have to be refueled or have its waste removed till the time it is dead, which is easily about a couple hundred years.

Using waste uranium reduces the amount of waste in the overall nuclear life cycle, and extends the available supply of the world’s uranium for nuclear by many times. TerraPower CEO explained that the As per TerraPower CEO, the operation of a traveling wave reactor can be demonstrated in less than ten years, and commercial deployment can begin in less than fifteen years.

Let’s hope that the combination of two technology giants helps meet power needs of the world’s poor without contributing to global warming.


  1. TechLover

    This is awesome:)

  2. This sounds too good to be true. Can you highlight any sources?

  3. this gonna be a great help…….i hope there will be some positives out of this one……i love the fact….how much Bill Gates works for the community …………great man……..

    i share Birthday with him……….just on the year……..but hope i’ll like 10% as good of a person as he is……


  4. vishalgaba

    @Husain – All you need to do is type Bill Gates and Toshiba and you will get loads of information on this.

    @Hitesh – Lol..yes, infact he is someone who has not only made immense contribution to the tech industry but also done a lot of work for the underpriveledged.

  5. Let us hope that this comes to fruition.

  6. This is great bit of information! Waiting to see this being achieved…

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  7. using of spent fuel will save the poor African countries from having to die of exposure!…thanks for the info…:)

  8. vishalgaba

    @hari and Kclapesh – Indeed, it is a great news.

    @nalini – Welcome 🙂

  9. Amita

    This is a great initiative…Bill G rocks!

  10. Paul

    Terrific work! Who else but Bill G could have done this!

  11. Shrey

    That’s a great feat…if it comes alive. which I’m sure it will coz it has Bill G behind it 🙂

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