March 1, 2010

Bloggers Paradise…blog your way to glory!

Ever since I started blogging, the need to know what people feel about what I write, what are their views and a need to exchange ideasamongst a larger group of people.To satisfy this need, I started sharing the links of my blog with friends and colleagues but soon I realized that the need didn’t stop there.  What other bloggers or experts feel? What do people who don’t know me feel in about my posts?

Therefore, to give myself as well as the whole blogger community a platform to share their posts and promote their respective blog, I feel there is nothing better than social networking. That is the sole intention behind creation of a facebook page called… ‘Bloggers Paradise’ , a page that will give exactly what I have mentioned above…so let’s join in and start sharing right away!

Here’s the link –


  1. Rohan

    That’s a great initiative…there is indeed a great need for such platforms!

  2. ina

    I agree…this is a good step..thnkx Vishal!

  3. I’m not complaining because I feel exactly the same way you do. I too feel recognition and approval from others will boast us to write more. 🙂

  4. vishalgaba

    @Rohan & Ina – Thanks 🙂

    @Nethra – yes..and that is the sole purpose of this page…hope it helps all of us!

  5. Mark D'souza

    This is great Vishal and u said..hope all of us can benefit from this!

  6. Good initiative but why, when already indiblogger is on facebook apart from

  7. Hey S.R.

    While I am sure Vishal wud reply to ya…here is what I feel. I think FB is fantastic when it comes to Search engine Ranking….over the little blogging experience I have seen that posts promoted on FB are almost at the top everytime. Also this is not something with or against Indiblogger….we are proud Indibloggers….but I think having a dedicated group independent of any website on FB will help a lot of ppl who are not indibloggers. 🙂

  8. vishalgaba

    Hi S.R. – I guess Nitin has already answered your question. The sole purpose behind creating this is to have an independent platform for bloggers.

    And as Nitin mentioned…we are proud to be Indibloggers and will always contribute towards its success.

  9. this is good………rolled in……any platform to promote my blog…is good…….,,/

  10. abhi

    great initiative

  11. Gaurav

    That’s a great initiative!

  12. Rhapsody

    Great initiative Vishal!

  13. Vikram

    This is awesome work Vishal…thanks:)

  14. Vasu

    This is a great initiative. Thanks

  15. Walid

    Awesome work Vishal!

  16. TweetFan

    Awesome initiative…Thanks

  17. Nanki

    This is great…joined it already

  18. Arush

    Awesome initiative man!

  19. Vikram

    This is great…joined already:)

  20. Prerna

    Thanks for this initiative:)

  21. Priya

    Great work Vishal!

  22. Bindu

    This is great…nice initiative.

  23. Reema

    This is good and helpful thinking!

  24. Remar

    This is a great initiative…Thanks

  25. Danny

    Good initiative

  26. Avatar

    Good stuff. thank you

  27. Chetan

    Great initiatove

  28. I really think that it is a very nice initiative but there maybe many people out there who would just not prefer facebook. I am not against social media but its a personal preference of not liking it.

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