March 6, 2010

Can't do without your gadgets – get WTF jeans!

Are you a tech-freak and can’t go anywhere without your iPhone or Ipod? Now you can keep all your gadgets in your jeans…yes…you read it right…your WTF jeans…

Sanja and Pedja, two Web enthusiasts from France, have created the WTF jeans, geek and gadget friendly and perfectly compatible with your iPhone and iPod.

The jeans include special iPhone or iPod Touch pockets. Your favorite gadget gets the special care it deserves. Besides, the special micro-fiber interior protects your gadgets as well as cleaning it when you take it out. The jeans also include a hidden memory stick pocket!


  1. huhhhh……..

    this is as good as that “Ball Scratcher ” thing….invented…… big jeans companies are targeting geeks………..great………… geeks are the new perfect guysss


  2. Agreed Hitesh…Geeks are in Fashion nowadays…Go Geeks n also wear the jean mentioned here….Hope so we wont have to sell all our other Jeans to buy this jean

  3. Mini Ahuja

    Well…its funny but useful…!

  4. vishalgaba

    @Hitesh – Geeks were always ‘in’..coz they know things that loads f other people dont..;)

    @Shiva – LOL…I think so too…and hope we dont have to sell our jeans 🙂

    @Mini – Thanks

  5. Ramneet

    Naice stuff dewd!!

  6. Hey, this is something so innovative and cool! I am sure Geeks will love to possess this product.. Amazing features, I must say! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this crazy jeans, Vishal!

  7. vishalgaba

    @Ramneet – Thanks
    @Parth – Thank you :)…’Techies’ are ‘in’ I guess 🙂

  8. Nice… I remember Levi’s had come out with jeans specially made for iPods… but the jokes was that the jeans costed as much as the iPod itself. Might as well get 2 iPods! This was fun, thanks for sharing.

  9. vishalgaba

    I agree Magali…everything boils down the PRICE and UTILITY:)

  10. oh no, do I hv to go shopping again..
    @ magali, i remember levis coming up with ipod friendly jeans.. they were quite hideous..

  11. Lol… Hilarious…

  12. lolzzz what a name given for Jeans 😛

  13. SpiderSharma

    Lol…this is hilarious! I’m sure these will be more expensive than the I-pod!

  14. Hey this is a great website, it really had a ton of informaion on the subject.

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