April 23, 2014

Case for Video Marketing on Facebook

Statista & Mashable recently came up with this insightful chart about what are people posting on Facebook.

20140422_Facebook-Posts_MashableThe chart clearly outlines the domination of photos on FB and I am sure your own experience on the social network will justify the findings. However, if you are a marketer like me, this is not the insight you want to leave this chart with. But leaving that a side for later, too much of anything make it uninteresting and boring.That is what is happening to all your photo-led marketing campaigns on Facebook. People have too many photos of their friends anyways and hence them being interested in your quirky ad is getting difficult with every new sefie uploaded.

So what’s the way ahead? Refer the chart again. Videos forming just 4% of overall FB content is the real insight and when you have over 100 hours of video content being uploaded on Youtube every minute, this number is an absolute shame.

It is only obvious that as a marketer you would want to leverage the power of a video to breakaway from the pictorial clutter on Facebook. It’s time to coin a new phrase. “A picture is certainly worth a thousand words but mind you, a video might be worth a million, at least on Facebook.”


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