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This section will introduce you to the projects I am currently working on in my professional and passionate endeavors.

  • Unclog Delhi: A novel initiative to clean up the traffic mess from Delhi roads. HT along with Maruti Suzuki and … Read More

Career Case- Media Integration


  • The prospective client is the biggest consumer IT company in the world
  • Spends majority of its marketing budget with the competition on account of better media integration options
  • The whole sales leadership wants to get proportionate share before … Read More

Career Case- Customer Relationship Management


  • A three year old, profitable client is threatening to exit, citing high pricing as the reason.
  • The primary protagonist (Mr X) from the client’s side sits in Ahmadabad Plant while our main point of contact has been the … Read More

About me


Welcome to my site, I hope you will find your stay productive/ entertaining.  This page is dedicated to introducing myelf to all of you. While I have tried keeping it short and engaging, you might want to use the … Read More