Indian Market

Career Case- Media Integration


  • The prospective client is the biggest consumer IT company in the world
  • Spends majority of its marketing budget with the competition on account of better media integration options
  • The whole sales leadership wants to get proportionate share before … Read More

iBeacon- The new Marketing Wand

Apple’s one slide presentation on the iBeacon technology at IOS7 launch event might well turn out to be NFC’s obituary. iBeacon is Apple’s rendition of a ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’ device that can transmit data (small files) within the range of … Read More

Will the Australian government please stand up?

Another incident, another Indian ATTACKED in Australia and all the government says it that the matter is being INVESTIGATED! Phew…isn’t this getting to ridiculous now?

Jaspreet Singh, a a 29-year-old man from the … Read More