Is everybody jumping the gun on Health Apps?

Health driven technology has been the talk of the tech town for a while now. Acquisitions, product concepts and even some launches from the gadget giants of the world have brought this segment to life. Fitness Apps like Noom have … Read More

iBeacon- The new Marketing Wand

Apple’s one slide presentation on the iBeacon technology at IOS7 launch event might well turn out to be NFC’s obituary. iBeacon is Apple’s rendition of a ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’ device that can transmit data (small files) within the range of … Read More

What do Indian women and moms do online?

Below is a presentation by Trendspotting that captures the review of the online Indian women as they  are now a major part of the Indian population online. Recent research indicate that a third of young online women in India … Read More

World's first FLYING car – Terrafugia Transition

The Terrafugia Transition is a car that can fly with wings like a normal airplane. US Federal Air Authority have given the car-plane a special weight exemption, paving way for the mass production. This is an important thing to note … Read More

Disco Chair welcomes you to the future

Meet Disco Chair. It was created out of electroluminescent wire by Kiwi&Pom, and makes me think of a happy Tron future where everything is covered in glowing shapes. According to the designers, “the chair transforms into a … Read More

Little Spiderman uses vacuum cleaners to climb buildings

The enterprising youngster you see above had a dream. A dream to become like his superhero, Spiderman, who isn’t real. Nobody really believed him or thought his ideas about how to achieve his goals were very good, but, … Read More

First teaser for 'The Social Network'

Columbia Pictures has just released the very first teaser trailer for its upcoming film, The Social Network. Just like the poster that was released last … Read More

Couple’s first kiss vanishes from Google Street view

Google’s Street View car captured the first kiss between teenage lovebirds in Staffordshire, England, then the intimate moment appeared on the web for all to see. Now CNET has discovered that the image has been replaced by one … Read More

A 2 year old who smokes 40 cigarettes a day!

Image Source: Barcroft Pacific

Yes, you read it right…Ardi, a 2 year old child from the village of Musi Banyuasin in Indonesia, smokes  40 cigarettes a day. The person who handed him his first cigarette when he was … Read More

8th Annual Art Exhibition by Delhi Collage of Arts

Delhi Collage of Art (DCA) today inaugurated the 8th Annual Art Exhibition showcasing the art and creativity of 88 young minds. The exhibition is being held at the renowned Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi from the 24th May … Read More