Will E-commerce replace FMCG as cradle of Marketing Talent?

Billions of dollars in venture capital, corporate bigwigs lining up to invest in them and a slew of takeovers, the Indian dotcom space has been abuzz. While these are certainly the most noticeable developments that one can’t miss, … Read More

Who’s the boss AIRTEL?

The recent ad campaign of Airtel has been received with mixed reactions. TVC showcases a new age corporate couple where the female protagonist happens to be the boss of her husband in the office. While … Read More

Contextual Advertising: Case in Point

Unlike most global markets, newspapers have been growing at a rapid pace in India especially in regional languages. Consequently, brands continue to give primary attention to ‘print’ in their media plans especially when it’s critical to reach out … Read More

Is everybody jumping the gun on Health Apps?

Health driven technology has been the talk of the tech town for a while now. Acquisitions, product concepts and even some launches from the gadget giants of the world have brought this segment to life. Fitness Apps like Noom have … Read More

Facebook Quarterly Results: Mobile dominates

Facebook reported a stellar set of quarterly numbers. While the growth was robust across all offerings, mobile advertising sales seems to have outstripped all others. Over 59% of the advertising sales revenue came from mobile vis-a-vis 53% in the … Read More

Career Case- Media Integration


  • The prospective client is the biggest consumer IT company in the world
  • Spends majority of its marketing budget with the competition on account of better media integration options
  • The whole sales leadership wants to get proportionate share before … Read More

Case for Video Marketing on Facebook

Statista & Mashable recently came up with this insightful chart about what are people posting on Facebook.

The chart clearly outlines the domination of photos on FB and I am sure your own experience on the social network will justify … Read More

5 tips to write a great blog post

While writing for your blog, you should keep in mind whatever you are writing is driving the maximum traffic for you with maximum information being conveyed to your readers. In the upcoming paragraphs, a few tips are listed … Read More