Contextual Advertising: Case in Point

Unlike most global markets, newspapers have been growing at a rapid pace in India especially in regional languages. Consequently, brands continue to give primary attention to ‘print’ in their media plans especially when it’s critical to reach out … Read More

ए दिल थम जा

जितना मिल जाये कम है, सौ खुशियों के बीच भी तू ढूंडता गम है, दिल तू लालची ही रहेगा, तुझको जो रोक पाये बता वो कौन सा फन है

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Work in progress

This section will introduce you to the projects I am currently working on in my professional and passionate endeavors.

  • Unclog Delhi: A novel initiative to clean up the traffic mess from Delhi roads. HT along with Maruti Suzuki and … Read More

Career Case- Media Integration


  • The prospective client is the biggest consumer IT company in the world
  • Spends majority of its marketing budget with the competition on account of better media integration options
  • The whole sales leadership wants to get proportionate share before … Read More

Career Case- Customer Relationship Management


  • A three year old, profitable client is threatening to exit, citing high pricing as the reason.
  • The primary protagonist (Mr X) from the client’s side sits in Ahmadabad Plant while our main point of contact has been the … Read More