August 4, 2014

Contextual Advertising: Case in Point

Unlike most global markets, newspapers have been growing at a rapid pace in India especially in regional languages. Consequently, brands continue to give primary attention to ‘print’ in their media plans especially when it’s critical to reach out to the educated middle class (prized audience group).

One constraint that however cripples the newspaper industry vis-à-vis digital and electronic mediums is the flexibility (read creative liberty) it can offer to advertisers. Media professionals in the print industry are continuously devising ways to offer more value to their key customers. The industry is moving fast towards customized contextual solutions from plain vanilla advertising.

In the bid to offer flexibility there are numerous news-papers who sell editorial content. But being a part of brand solutions team at Hindustan Times things are different. Our editorial content is not for sale and hence our job is even more difficult, we try hard to provide context to client communication.

Contextual Advertising

This post is to share one such success which as per my opinion delivers great value to the advertiser while holding our editorial integrity intact. This is a campaign that we have taken up for DS Group. Pass Pass is a mouth freshener that uses traditional Indian ingredients. The brand is positioned around bringing people together and promotes friendship.The above creative was published in the lifestyle supplement of the Hindustan Times on Friendships Day.

The occasion and the context offers a great integration for the brand. More so since the content features prominent celebrities the brand gets a priceless rub-off from the brand personality of the celebrities in question. Imagine what will be the value of a story that can position your brand in consonance with Salman, Shahrukh, Priyanka, Karan and Kareena. This is the true magic of contextual branding solutions.

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