June 13, 2010

Couple’s first kiss vanishes from Google Street view

Google’s Street View car captured the first kiss between teenage lovebirds in Staffordshire, England, then the intimate moment appeared on the web for all to see. Now CNET has discovered that the image has been replaced by one that’s blank save for the words “This image is no longer available.”

The Daily Mail reported that the teens are Hayley Moss and Eddie Bateman — and that they’re still together several months after the photo was taken. That’s an impressive feat for teenagers.

There’s been no indication as to why the image was removed. The families of the teens might have requested it, as it does appear that the teens are engaging in more than a light peck. Moss told the Daily Mail, “It looks more than it is, but it really was just a kiss.”

From potential kidnappers to Sherlock Holmes look-a-likes, Google has captured all sorts of wild things with its Street View cars, but these glimpses into everyday life have been viewed as invasions of privacy by some people. One year ago, residents of a UK village blocked a Street View car, irate that it was taking pictures of their homes, and since then the European Union has dictated that Google must remove its Street View images six months after they’re first posted.

Would you have wanted your first kiss to appear on Google Street View, or would you have requested to have it pulled? What if your teenager and his or her significant other were the ones doing the kissing instead?

Source – mashable


  1. Definitely an invasion of privacy…I would have asked to remove it..
    Already too many cameras capturing what you do…

  2. vishalgaba

    @Lazy Pineapple – Agree with you…it is a complete no-no for me as well. As they say, everything has its advantages & disadvantages…so does technology 🙂

  3. Armenia

    I agree with both of you above..this is invasion of privacy and I’m strictly against it…!

  4. @Lazy pineapple @Vishal

    Couldn’t have agreed any less with you guys.
    These things make the word “privacy” a thing of the past.

  5. Some things are better if remained private… but does this feature help in finding terrorist outfits????

  6. Invasion of privacy, is it? Then why is his pic still appearing on this blog though of smaller size? Invasion of privacy occurs when you try to keep something private and the offender barges himself to break the status. This couple clearly was in open space adjoining a street, and it cannot be termed as a private spot. The photo itself shows that the couple has not taken any precautions to be hidden from public view…

  7. vishalgaba

    @Armenia – Yes…absolutely true

    @Abid – That would be a correct statement

    @Rajlakshmi – That’s what the most important question is…if it can REALLY help…

    @Nilesh – An interesting take there…agree with you on both counts

  8. Though Google has become a daily-life word for us, but taking pictures all around, is definitely a peek-a-boo into daily lives of everybody which should not be allowed at all.

  9. Ashish Sehra

    Who knows.. Maybe they wanted it posted on google… Maybe they posed only after they saw them shooting…

  10. Rinzu Rajan

    They may have posed for the cameras and wanted their few minutes of fame.
    That’s why they may have done it in first place. Invasion of privacy is a bane technology gave us.

    Nice post.



  11. vishalgaba

    @Dhakkanz – complete agree with your view

    @Ashish – LOL…that could be a possibility 🙂

    @Rinzu Rajan – Thanks :)…yes, that could have been in their minds…afterall they are just young kids

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