April 6, 2010

Eliminate Google from your life…

I found this really really interesting video on CNET. The video informs about better alternatives for Google offerings like Google Search, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Documents and more. Take a look and UNGOOGLE  your life……Courtesy CNET:)


  1. this is a nice option……..but the thing is that…… gives all this thing at one place…….for using all these options…..we have to use only one google…..ID….. but if we got though the way they have shown in the video we have to have a lot of different ID…..

    google provides centralization of the services and that’s why they are popular…….not everybody is looking google as organization whose gonna misuse the information…..and most of us are to naive to understand that too

  2. vishalgaba

    @Hitesh…I agree but the problem is that is exactly the thinking that needs to change. I’m a google application lover but some times too much ease of use might just not be good for us!

    Anyways, I found this interesting and thought it should be shared with the readers.

  3. All the big list he provides in video is pathetic…

    lets start with email

    yahoo email does not support pop3 and imap all we have to do his access only through web where as gmail support pop3 and imap so that you can access your emails from your desktop outlook or thorugh your cell phone… whats more yahoo appends advertisement at the bottom of every mail where as gmail does not its almost equal to corporate mails

    Now coming to search engine do you think yahoosearch and bing relevancy is any where near to google? naa!!! yahoo and microsoft bing takes days to weeks to index a webpage where as google does it in minutes that’s the power of its data servers.

    Now compared to google calendar and docs believe me zoho might give a competition to google in online office space. but dont even think abt yahoo calendar because there are tons of free ware to synchronize google calendar but yahoo has only few free aps

    Now yes i agree with youtube and daily motion are almost equal in service but daily motion is gaining popularity now a days

    overall google does best gives its most of the services for free and remains the best

    and the it is the stupidity of the moron in the video to think only google collects personal information but in truth almost all the web company does!

  4. I am unable to see the video because my audio system is damaged. My bad!

    Anyway, I just love Google and its product. I just can’t live without them. If you are a Google user, you should check out the Google Dashboard which will drive you mad about the information Google has about you :

  5. Seriously, Why would you want to ‘Ungoogle’

    Hassle free, cutting edge, trend setting applications for free is the main reason why people use Google in the first place. Google has set out and showed the world that you can mae money still by giving away 90% of your offerings for free !

    Moreover, the obsession of the west with companies like Google invading privacy is the argument for most Google critics. I think its ok to say “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place,”

  6. vishalgaba

    @Manjunath – totally agree with your explanation
    @Parth – I know about the dashboard and its amazing
    @Melvin – Again..agree with you

    @all – I am by no means against Google…I found this video as an interesting take on things and hence, thought of sharing it with you guys…to get your opinions on the things highlighted in the video…:)

  7. Akshay Chawla

    well i can guess why you would be against google but leaving it apart, even i believe we should not be over dependent on one application. hotmail/ and mails are better than gmail, and so are the meta-crawler search engines. Its only the initial period of using when one faces unfamiliarity and switches back to google. Eg. facebook seemed to be more complicated than orkut earlier on, orkut seemed to be more fun and easy to use but now facebook is the top social networking portal. Few days trail and its easy to ungoogle.

  8. staying with google makes life easy…a big + in this rush rush world!

  9. vishalgaba

    @ Akshay – I’m not against Google at all…infact I love some of its offerings. As I mentioned above I just thought this was an interesting video and hence, put it up to see what do you guys feel about it…

    @Nalini – I completely agree with you 🙂

  10. Rohan

    I would partially agree with the views above…like dependence on a single application is not good…but also, till the time there are no good alternatives, what does one do?

    Like in the search domain…Bing is coming up and is good but in other domains, I dont think there are better alternatives to Google.

  11. Himanshu Kathuria

    Hi Vishal…First of all my warm words of thanks to you… for you always try and bring something interesting for the readers…I myself want to ungoogle my life.

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