November 30, 2009

‘ELSE’ Mobile – Nothing ‘ELSE’ will do

The First ELSE is a powerful smartphone from Emblaze Mobile in partnership with ACCESS, a well established player in mobile technologies.

This partnership has resulted in an operating environment called ELSE INTUITION which is based on ACCESS’s Linux and browser technologies. When you take a look at the user interface, you can feel the amount of work and time gone into it with even the small nuances well taken care of. Users control the software on the First ELSE primarily through gestures, typically though a scrolling action using the thumb which rotates through the possible menu options. You can also create gesture shortcuts for common actions, the result being a refreshing interface and not just an attempt to imitate the Iphone.

The phone software includes all the usual features such as a web browser, email client and a multimedia player. An important feature is that data objects such as contacts and messages are available within every application on the phone rather than just dedicated applet. The software is the USP of FIRST ELSE and is sure to attract one and all. Check out the video and you will get to know that what you are soon going to witness is no less than technology revolution!

Coming to the hardware that the phone offers, it has almost everything you would desire for! There’s Else_morea large 3.5″ 480 x 854 pixel capacitive touch screen display, 5 megapixel camera with an autofocus and image stabilization, 3.5G data, WiFi, GPS, tilt and proximity sensors, Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 connectivity plus a 3.5mm audio socket. As standard, the First ELSE seems to come with 16GB of internal Flash memory although a 32GB version may also be available, however this does not seem to be expandable.

The handset also comes with 256MB of RAM which should be plenty. All this means that this smartphone should have enough power to run the snazzy interface that it promises, and there’s a large 1450 mAh battery too which is definitely needed in the current generation of high-end smartphones.

Release of this phone will introduce a new name in an already choked field of mobile operating systems (iPhone, Android handsets, Windows Mobile, Maemo and even Palm’s WebOS) and all competing to win the market share. Before it hits the Indian market in 2010, most questions are, how soon the First ELSE will take on the consumer’s minds and how well consumers will be able to use this new platform.

Going with its first look and the features…it seems the phone will create a strong stir in the mobile market and you will want NOTHING else but ELSE!


  1. Satyam

    This is awesome man!!

  2. abhi thakral


  3. Budhiraja

    woah…man i need one of these

  4. Aman

    This looks like an awesome mobile mannn!Eagerly waiting for it now….

  5. Sophie

    Amazing…the promo looks exciting to say the least!

  6. Mansi

    Awesome phone….looks like it will rock the market!

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