February 18, 2010

Facebook & LinkedIn info in your inbox..via Outlook Social Connector

Microsoft has partnered with LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace to allow users to see updates, photos and activities from these sites within Outlook, as part of the Outlook Social Connector. People using Office 2003, 2007 and beta versions of Office 2010 can download the updated Outlook Social Connector beta. Those social-networking services will join Windows Live as services capable of being viewed from within Outlook.

LinkedIn for Outlook will enable users to view their contacts’ updates and photos alongside e-mails, and automatically update Outlook contacts with information from LinkedIn. Post the release of Facebook and MySpace applications (expected in the first half of 2010), user information from those services will also appear in Outlook.

To download the LinkedIn connector Click Here. After you download this connector you will see a LinkedIn folder appear in Outlook. This folder aggregates information from your LinkedIn account and your Outlook contacts, presenting it in a business-card format that includes the contact’s photo, title and e-mail address. Here is a demo on how to install this connector and enjoy all the updates right into your inbox!


  1. Its cool!
    Anyways, it was some information. 🙂

  2. anusha

    I’m using this…this really beneficial…and the best way to social networking…even your Boss doesn’t get to know about it..:)

  3. mohit

    This is a brilliant move by Microsoft…iv just installed the LinkedIn plugin and it works like a breeze…more excited about the Facebook plugin…cant wait to be out 😉

  4. Rohan

    Me too…just downloaded it from here…nice work Vishal…it got installed easily and is working very well. Waiting for the FB plugin..:)

  5. vishalgaba

    @ All – eagerly awaiting for the FB plugin too…so that we all the FB updates are in my inbox in seconds!
    @Rohan – thanks 🙂

  6. vikas

    seems pretty useful. good review!

  7. ina

    This is a great tool by Microsoft…Especially for young professionals to keep themselves updated with both LinkedIn and FB(particularly excited about this)..without the bosses getting to know about it 😉

  8. Sheena

    I agree with Ina..this is real kool tool and give us a one stop for our essential social networking needs.

  9. super post man…this is something I have been waiting for ever…thanks a lot

  10. nishu

    Well it is good addition ….while I am not too sure if proxies would not be able to block it as well once it gets popular.

  11. param

    I am happy about the innovation coming in this domain but just wonder….are we getting addicted to social networking a lil too much?

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