December 27, 2010

Facebook Vs Twitter

This Infographic breaks down the demographic differences between Facebook and Twitter in 2010. Infographic By Digital Surgeons

"facebook vs twitter"



    nice project & excellent thinking for this work…….:)

  2. Overall facebook seems still lead

  3. It proves that people use social media a lot and the division between Twitter and facebook practically disappears. I’m sure that Facebook users have their accounts in Twitter.

    • All the twitter users have their accounts in FB.but all the FB users don’t have their accounts in twitter. This is for sure!

  4. In a sentence, we can say, Facebook is a connection tool. Twitter is a communication tool. Weird though, Twitter is 5 times less popular than Facebook?

  5. Facebook was born 2 years earlier than Twitter. More people prefer Facebook because it has more sophisticated features whereas Twitter is more simple. More people use Twitter for business, I believe, while a greater majority of people use facebook just for socializing.
    Anyway, still not bad for Twitter having 106M users. I’m sure in time it will grow bigger.

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