June 26, 2010

First teaser for 'The Social Network'

Columbia Pictures has just released the very first teaser trailer for its upcoming film, The Social Network. Just like the poster that was released last week, the trailer doesn’t give away much but still is  is really really interesting.

The movie, which is also called “The Facebook movie,” as is partly based the book The Accidental Billionaires. It takes you back into the early days of Facebook, from its founding in Mark Zuckerberg’s room in Harvard to its rise as one of the biggest social networking platforms. The movie is written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher while it stars Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg. The movie will be releasing in October

The tag line for the film, “You can’t make 500 million friends without making a few enemies” seems to sum up some of those early days, and the film is as much an exploration of young people coming to terms with creating something bigger than themselves as much as it is about loyalty, jealousy and money.

What do you think fo the promo? Would you watch this movie?


  1. Oh I totally would, if for no other reason, then simply because I was an avid user of it during its application free days in -06, and still do use it … Id like to see what all it has – whether exagerated truths of simply blatant lies 🙂

  2. who are these ppl ??????????? mahesh bhatt of Hollywood……. 😀

  3. I would! Catchy liner 🙂 v all were FB crazy at some point 🙂

  4. vishalgaba

    @Hayaah – yes…have a similar view….we use it so should see it 🙂

    @Hitesh – lol…that’s a good thought 🙂

    @Maria – Yes, well I still am FB crazy 🙂

  5. The book was a fun, fast read.. hope the movie lives upto that expectation! Looking forward to it!

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