March 10, 2010

Ford FIGO drives into the Indian market

Ford India launched one of the most awaited compact cars, FIGO yesterday. The car, with its competitive pricing and excellent features, is expected to create a stir in the Indian market.

The car has been launched in four different models – LXI, EXI, ZXI and Titanium, and will be available with different trim levels and designed to suit a variety of consumer tastes.  All models also will be available with a Duratorq diesel engine option.

Key Features(also, check out the FIGO video below):

  • ENGINE: The car comes in Figo offers two fuel-efficient engines for the Indian market.  Firstly, a 1.2-litre petrol engine that delivers 52.44 kW (71.35 PS) @ 6250 rpm and 102 Nm (10.4 kgm) @ 4000 rpm.  The fuel efficiency is expected to be 15.6 kilometres per litre.  Secondly, a 1.4-litre Duratorq diesel engine that is expected to deliver 20 kilometres per litre.  Horsepower is rated at 50.72 kW (69 PS) @ 4000 rpm.  Torque is equally impressive with 160Nm (16.3 kgm) at 2000 rpm
  • LOOKS (exteriors & interiors): On the exterior, the tri-plane front end, distinct fenders and a “comet tail” side treatment that starts at the front fenders and carries through the doors into the quarter panels combine to give the car a sporty and aggressive appearance and develop its unique personality.  The car’s large headlamps have a dynamic shape that helps define the element of speed and agility for the Figo.

Inside, the first thing that appeals to you is the free-flowing instrument panel. Seating comfort is enhanced with a design specific for Figo that is all-new and includes fabric seat inserts with a specific bolster and trim pattern.

All models feature a black-themed interior highlighted with red or blue accents.  Door panels on the up-level models include cloth inserts with distinctive red colour matching the seat pattern.  On ZXI and Titanium models, consumers also will be able to choose a coral red coloured instrument panel option.  The Titanium model is extensively equipped and includes Antilock Braking System and standard driver and passenger airbags.

  • PRICING: Here is the biggest attraction for the consumers! The Figo Duratec LXI, equipped with a 1.2-litre petrol engine is priced at Rs. 3,49,900 and the 1.4-litre Duratorq diesel engine is priced at Rs. 4,47,900. Pricing for the EXI model starts at Rs. 3,81,900 for petrol and Rs. 4,72,900 for diesel variants. The ZXI models are priced at Rs. 3,99,900 for petrol and  4,96,900 for diesel and the top-of-the-line Titanium at Rs. 4,42,900 for petrol and Rs. 5, 29,900* for diesel model.  The standard engine for all models is the 1.2-litre Duratec petrol engine.  Duratorq 1.4-litre diesel engines are available on all models.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: The ZXI and Titanium models include dual-cluster instrument gauges for speedometer and tachometer, vanity mirror for the front seat passenger, power-adjustable rearview mirrors for both passenger and driver.  The interior of both models also include extensive use of bright or polished aluminum trim on the door pull cups, console and around the gauges.
  • SERVICING: Service for the new Figo also has been enhanced.  Ford India recently announced the opening of 28 new dealerships in India, bringing the total number of Ford outlets to 164 facilities in 97 cities.  Nearly 50 facilities feature Quick Service, a new servicing process that is designed to quickly perform routine maintenance in less than 90 minutes.As part of the initial pricing, all Figo models will be covered with Roadside Assistance for two years.  Additional extended warranty plans and total maintenance options will be available to the consumer.  Combined with service intervals that are among the longest, and high-durability parts that are competitively priced, Figo is among the leaders with a standard scheduled service plan of five years or 100,000 kilometres.
    • Storage capacity : 284 litres
    • Speed: Zero to 100 kilometres per hour performance is 15.5 seconds for the petrol engine and 15.8 seconds for the diesel variant.
    • Some smart features include Lane Change Indication that flashes indicators three times, eliminating the need to hold the stalk.  Hazard deceleration alerts trailing drivers when vehicle speed rapidly decreases.  The hazard lamps automatically flash when vehicle speed suddenly decreases to below 96 kilometres per hour.

The car surely has all it takes to win the consumer’s hearts. Let us wait and watch how it does in the Indian market and how the competitors react to this highlight attractive , power-packed and competitively priced car.


  1. anusha

    That really looks like a cool car…I’m sure it will do well in the Indian market!

  2. Rohan

    I agree….Ford has got it bang on with the pricing and looks. The car looks really spacious as well.

  3. mohit

    I guess so..this should give a tuff time to not even i20 (i.m not considering JAZZ and FABIA as they are already out of market) but an i10 and swift as well. Let’s see how it performs in India.

  4. vishalgaba

    I agree..the car is sure to cause a stir in the market. The only issue with FORD was service but it has know being completely addressed over the pat 2-3 years.

    It has to be a wait n watch game before we predict anything!

  5. Looks great…just bought Ritz…great car too

  6. Good review. Waiting to see it or road

  7. Gaurav

    I liked it this car…am trying to decide on my next FIGO may be next.

  8. Hi Vishal

    There’s something awaiting you in my blog. Pls do share my happiness and festive spirit accepting it.


  9. vishalgaba

    @Nalini – looks good as well as performs good 🙂

    @Shrinishi – thanks 🙂

    @Gaurav – I’ll suggest go for Figo or i10

    @Deepa – Thanks a lot for the sweet gesture 🙂

  10. Ilias

    Looks like a great car!!!

  11. Sudhakar G K

    Ford Figo is good overall, excpet for the below mentioned factors:

    AC Compressor right behind the front grill – very prone to damage even in a minor bump

    Sluggish pickup in 1st & 2nd Gear – alomost to the point of engine stalling, very frightening in Indian Cirty Driving & Traffic conditions

    Shifting Gears is not so smooth

    Low mileage on Highway – only 12 Kms approximately

    Low Road Clerance for driving over Bangalore Road Humps – scrapes the Hump very easily if not taken over the hump very very carefully at dead slow speeds

    Headlight – not so bright as required

    Windscreen reflects the Dash Board that superimposes the image of the Vehicles in front causing co-ordination and distance confusion when maneuvering traffic

    I have personally taken up the issue with Ford and the Dealer directly, and they have assure dme to look into the matter and “try” to “rectify” the issue after due testing – hoping they do, if not I have to opt for a change in Car again

    Thank you & Regards,
    Sudhakar G k

  12. vishalgaba

    @Sudhakar – I am sure Ford will address the issue as haven’t seen anybody else with so many issues with Figo. It is indeed a nice car…hope the company takes the necessary steps so that you can enjoy it 🙂

  13. its a good looking
    we r planning to buy a car and very confused but now after watching this vedio we decided to buy FORD FIGO.

    • @asma….thanks for your reply…it is certainly a good choice… All the best for this new baby… Visit us again!

  14. Rekha Reddy

    Its a super sexy car…..!!!

  15. I’m a fan of Ford cars (now I’m driving a new Ford Focus) so I liked this model and wouldn’t mind having this one.

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