June 15, 2010

Go 'GREEN' with the Wooden Car – MANIWA

The simplest and the most eco-friendly wooden car is manufactured by sada-kenbi is made from wood also known as MANIWA, this special car was hand built by wood craftsmen and is actually legal to drive in japan. No metal alloy and carbon fiber has been used in the manufacture of this car. Lots of people are coming to see the car.

The maximum speed for this car is assigned is 80 km per hour.The car  is for sale at a bargain price of 44,000 USD. It also features a motorcycle-like handlebar steering system, gull wing doors and even has a stereo. it seats one driver up front on a wooden seat and has a wood bench behind for up to two passengers.The designers even made a pedal-power version for kids.

Check out the pictures and video of the car below:


Source – SpeedyWap


  1. looks really neat..but what will happen in the Monsoons? all that wood might just rot away…

  2. Really wonderful but in Indian traffic , it will get crushed in no time!

  3. The car looks awesome, but woodden cars means more trees cut down right? Does Japan have green policies in place for this?

  4. Hey people….thanks for the comments…this is not a car, u will see getting commercialized. All our concerns from the monsoon to environmental hazards are absolutely valid. None the less this is a perfect way to draw a contrast between innovation and commercial innovation (which it is not). But I am sure it is wonderful to look at. Great aesthetics!

  5. What if it rains?

  6. Looks good, but is not a green car…..I think it has an engine….and lots of wood cut for producing it, which is very bad for environment

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