March 18, 2010

Happy 25th birthday to .com

March 15th 1985, a small computer manufacturer from Massachusetts, US registered a domain name called (the company is now dead and this now serves as a blog). That was the birth of ‘.com’ (meaning – commercial), which completed 25 years on March 15, 2010. Till date over 200,000,000 registrations have been made under this name!

According to a latest ITIF (Information Technology and Innovation Foundation) study, the dotcom domain contributes 400 billion dollars in annual economic activity! This is expected to rise to a staggering 950 billion dollars by 2020.

An astonishing number – We see over 600,000 new domain registrations every single day!

There is also a website that has been set up to oversee the 25th anniversary celebrations of the dotcom….check it out –

Here’s wishing a very very happy birthday to .com 🙂


  1. I am a net addict but never knew this fact about .com.. good informative trivia blog …
    BTW I dropped in to thank you for being very supportive of me on Indiblogger. I really appreciate you support.

  2. Amrita

    Happy Happy birthday to .com – That’s a nice info…I wasnt aware of that.

  3. vishalgaba

    @Farida – Thanks a lot for your support too 🙂

    @ Amrita – Thanks

  4. Ricky

    Didn’t know this..thanks for the info.

  5. Chrome

    Never knew about this…thanks for the info 🙂

  6. Shreya

    Did not know this…thanks for the info Vishal!

  7. Ram

    Great info…Thanks

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