February 6, 2010

Help us choose our new logo….Please vote!

With some change

New Option 1

1. Internet at our heart….this option is a simple extension and makes it clear what we stand for… is simple and that is what makes it beautiful

2. The very foundation of our orientation…we discover thoughts and this is what is reflected by this logo….the colors reflect our vitality and jazzes up the whole scenario

3. This option is truly independent ….the eagle is the sign of independence and the opinion has been put up in an innovative way.

Hey guys please comment on which one of the options you like…. you choose and we will put it up on our blog….help help help 🙂


  1. I like option 2

  2. vishalgaba

    my choice – 2

  3. I liked #3. It stands out from the rest and it reflects the liberty to express quite emphatically.

    Good Luck!


  4. mohit

    I like the first one…coz of its depiction of the internet!

  5. anusha

    My choice – 3…for exactly the same reason that Deepa has given…goes with your punch line…independent expression.

  6. ina

    best choice as far as i’m concerned is 2.

  7. vikas

    in terms of color option 2 is better and in term of concept/rationale option 3. if something that merges both can be created, it would be ideal.

  8. The status so far

    Option 1- One vote

    Option 2- Four Votes

    Option 3- Three Votes

  9. Three. Its different and unique.

  10. chaitanya jha

    option 3 🙂

  11. Samidha

    Logo 2

    The blog idea gets conceptualised better and suits the “thought” frame.

  12. the 2nd one!

  13. Nikhil Magu

    Logo 3
    An opinion can reach out to masses, if it is complemented by ‘Wings’ of Medium of expression.

  14. Ashish Mehta

    Choice 2

  15. TG


  16. Rupali

    Third one looks pretty good…. goes with the idea behind the blog…. “independent”

  17. OPTION 1 …. !!! 🙂

  18. pranav

    I ll go with the second one.. coz i fthink 3rd one looks too fancy and the first one is not very appealing

  19. I liked ~ Option 2

  20. First one with some changes. Captures the essence of a internet venture with the key. Give more freedom to the tagline and put emphasis on text alignment.

    I wouldnt force you but first one can be brilliant with a little more thought !

    The rest are passe’

  21. vamsi

    I like option2

  22. #2 looks classy:)

  23. me:)

    option 2 it is …

  24. Ashi

    I Choose option 2!

  25. jatin khattar

    option 2

  26. option 3… the best among all….sumthing dat cannot b copied

  27. option 2

  28. first one

  29. Namrata

    Option 2…one is also fine…bt 2 compares better….the last one is bit to arty and takes away the seriousness..i think 🙂

  30. Option 2! Loved it..!

  31. Second one.

  32. Option 2. Is simple and catchy.

    Option 1. Was good too but the tail is out of place, if it can be positioned differently it could be an good option too. May be something incorporating the “in” style as in option 1.

    Option 3. Is a non-starter as per my opinion. It looks a bit amateurish.

    Good luck!

  33. Was a clash between 2 and 3 for me… Ill go with option 3…

    latest Blog Post: What If

  34. Option 3 looks very pro. Except maybe the orange.

  35. Pankul

    all are damn good!!!
    bt 2nd one looks like 94.3 FM logo………
    I would go for d 3rd one…….bec of its flying wings which says that its independent…..

  36. logo 2 Sir, it looks lively…. and still professional……

  37. Bear in mind once you finalize a logo it becomes the brand recall for your work – so one aspect would be to keep in mind it s usage…if it is only on is really immaterial, unless if you are trying to convey a particular message through your logo. If you plan to use in tshirts,and other gitft items, a minimalistic design could be more handy..

  38. I liked logo 3!. Its different and refreshing!
    BTW, Where/how did u get them made??


  39. Varun Sood

    Option 2

  40. abhi thakral

    option one
    well..option two is quite obvious for the eyes of the common…

  41. Khushboo

    I’ll go with option 2: Bright n well noticeable. Jazzy!

  42. Hey Guys
    Thanks for the wonderful response….here is the scores thus far….we close this sunday

    Option 1- 5

    Option 2- 20

    Option 3- 12

    Thanks so much once again.

  43. Misha

    Option 3..Its okk..evn if its vote counts lol..Pls go for Logo 3..

  44. Option 2…it goes with the blog completely

  45. opps… i missed the date…..@Abhinav Budhiraja

  46. third one…

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