November 23, 2009

How Kerala became God’s own country?

Relatives from Ausgods-own-countrytralia visiting India for the first time, places you’ll recommend them to visit…

  • Agra… because of mesmerizing beauty of Taj Mahal
  • Jaipur… because of historic tombs and palaces
  • Kerala…because of its scenic beauty and as it is rightly called  ‘God’s own Country’

A decade ago, Kerala would never have been a vacation destination for anyone, but  gradually the state has evolved to be one of the best places in the world to laze in the arms of nature. The state has reinvented itself and whether it’s serene backwaters or the magic of Ayurvedic massages, Kerala has now become the centre stage of Indian tourism.

The state generates a million employment opportunities directly and indirectly through tourism and it is a popular destination for tourists from countries like Spain, Italy and Russia, apart from traditional Western European markets like the UK, Germany and France.

How did this happen?

This has been achieved through highly visible and targeted promotional campaigns as well as aggressive marketing strategies including print advertisements, participation in natKeralaional and international travel fairs, tourism fairs and road shows, a website and a 24-hour toll-free number; all of these together have made Kerala the preference for international as well as domestic tourists.

The initial campaigns highlighted the beauty of Kerala and were soon followed by product specific campaigns. After this came one of the most popular campaigns run in India, Kerala ‘works on you’ which was run by Kerala tourism.

The tourism board chose renowned artists like M F Husain and Yusuf Arakkal as ambassadors to endorse the marvel of the state, conducted FAM trips for leading tour agents and travel writers and published books on Kerala. Several events like Kerala Travel Mart, the India International Boat Show and the Travel Film Festival also became major attractions for the tourists.Today, Kerala stands for sustainable and responsible tourism and is the most trusted and sought-after tourism brand in India. The focus on the creation of unforgettable customer experience has made it exactly what it is meant to be….’God’s own country’

And if you’re thinking why I wrote this…well, I had visitors coming to Delhi and the first place is suggested was Kerala…..and I was left wondering why did I say Kerala…it was later that I realized that I witnessed the lovely campaign run by Kerala tourism and well, it has had its impact on me!

….and by the way…my relatives loved the place 🙂


  1. What a great site! As more travelers see this availability, more will want to participate! I also love that travelers have the opportunity to make a difference with their own children and go home and tell about it! I wish this had been available when my children were young……we would definitely have participated.
    I love that you are both working so hard for the good of so many communities! I look forward to reading your future posts. Keep up the good work

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