September 12, 2010

How to insert Google Adsense ads in your posts [for WordPress]

Google AdsenseInserting ads manually on each and every post can be a tiring job. But you don’t need to do that anymore, you can automatically insert ads in your posts [on top, in between or at the end]. To enable these ads, all you need to do is install a simple WordPress plugin – Adsense Optimizer [Download here]

  • Download the zip from the link above and upload it on your blog
  • Activate the plugin and go to settings [click on Adsense Optimiser]
  • You will see loads of options here, the first one whether you would like to set the ad insertion as basic user[where you would require minimal effort] or optimizer [I recommend use this since it will give you all options and is not so difficult to use]

Adsense Optimiser

  • After selecting the optimizer, you will see the options on types of ads [as above]. You can check the types of ads from here [Click here]
  • Once you have selected the kind of ads you want in your posts, you can then select where do you want to place your ads[similar to the picture below]

How to use Adsense Optimiser

  • The last bit is to select if you want to ads to appear of homepage on search archives etc….and you’re done.

You will now have well formatted and more importantly relevant ads on your posts that will help you earn more from your wordpress blog.


  1. I have been using another plugin, but I think this plugin has more options than I use, so I’ll use Adsense plugin Optimizer thanks mate for your information

  2. You have already showed blogger detailed how to create Google Adsense ads in posts (for WordPress). This information is quite helpful for us. I will try using this to have well formatted post. Many thanks for sharing.

  3. nice and informative…. thank you very much.

  4. Adding Adsense in the theme editor is not much fun and you will have to change it when you change the theme….but it works.

  5. Hey it is a great tips. I have trial your advise and success. But Can you help me what should i do if i want to make ads show at the beginning of the post not the end of the post.

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