March 22, 2010

IIT student does a first – Produces electricity from waste water!

Waste water management has been a big issue across the globe and more so in India due to the acute shortage in several places. A 23-year-old student of IIT Kharagpur has not only found a solution to this problem but has also demonstrated how to produce electricity from it.

Meet Manoj Mandelia, a student of integrated MTech at IIT Kharagpur, who has developed this product which could well be the solution that the world has been waiting for to protect earth’s resources.

The product uses the concept of microbial fuel cell (MFC is a bio-electrochemical system that drives a current by mimicking bacterial interactions found in nature), which can not only treat waste water but also produce electricity in the process.

The project is named LOCUS which stands for Localised Operation of Bio-cells Using Sewage, can achieve chemical oxygen demand (COD) reduction levels in waste water to about 60-80 per cent. LOCUS is a microbial fuel cell integrated with sewage treatment systems to treat wastewater and simultaneously generate electricity.

As a reward for Mandelia’s innovation, Technology Review India has honoured him with the ‘Young Indian Innovator’ at the EmTech India Conference held in Bangalore during the March 8-9.

Let’s hope that LOCUS delivers on what it has promised and helps solve some of the kost difficult problems that the world faces today…till then…Cheers to India!


  1. This is great news for environmentalists all over the planet…WOW!

  2. this good i really hope this gets promoted and not just left on the papers………government shld promote these kind of projects…….as we are already in a mess …………

  3. Congrats to Manoj.
    I hope you have no objections to using this article for my ezine MASTER on awareness. Due acknowledgement to your blog will be given.
    Read the ezine on line at

  4. vishalgaba

    @ Nalini – Totally, should be a booster

    @ Hitesh – Government support is a necessity for such projects to be successful

    @S.R. – Sure, you can use it on the mentioned website, do share the link with me as well 🙂

  5. The world really is in dire need of inovations like this to make our planet a safe haven…let more n more of such innovations follow…
    Kudos to Manoj!

  6. Awesome.. Feeling proud that an Indian has brought out such innovation!

  7. S.R.Ayyangar

    Thanks and the ezine would be hosted on the mentioned website after 1st April. Check out.


  8. Parag

    This is indeed a great invention and will go a long way in solving one f the major problems that the world is facing today. Thanks for the info

  9. anurag sharma

    Hi Manoj,

    Truly an outstanding achievement…Congratulations.

    But I feel really sad for you at the same time,because if it is your dream to have this technology implemented at grass roots level you may eventually fail. I hope & pray for your success where it really means….getting to the technological benefit to the common man.

    Hope you get a great sponsor in time…if not…please feel to write to me.

    I really wish to understand the scale to which the technology can benefit Indians.


  10. great..

  11. loops like

    Congrats Mr. Manoj Mandelia for his innovative invention.It will save our cost for power production.As it has no smoke so there is no possiblilty of Polluting environment and make the environment green.He is the asset of India.

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