July 3, 2010

Insert batteries in any direction: InstaLoad by Microsoft

We’ve all been frustrated when devices don’t work because we’ve put the batteries in the wrong direction…right? Not any more…thanks to InstaLoad by Microsoft.

InstaLoad is a new battery technology from Microsoft that gives devices power, regardless of how you insert the batteries. So the positives and negatives are just need to insert the battery and your devices will work.

Unlike existing electronic solutions designed to address battery-polarity installation, InstaLoad is a mechanical invention that does not drain battery power or require expensive electronic circuitry. InstaLoad battery contacts can be cost-effectively designed into most battery compartments, as it usually requires replacing existing battery contacts with the patented InstaLoad contact design. The technology is compatible with popular off-the-shelf batteries used in products such as flashlights, toys, battery chargers, lighting and most other battery-operated consumer electronic devices that use CR123, AA, AAA, C or D size batteries (disposable or rechargeable) or similar barrel-type battery form factors.

InstaLoad technology can be incorporated into devices that require frequent battery swap-outs, are used in less-than-ideal environments or use several batteries. Industries that could greatly benefit from this type of timesaving technology based on their environments include law enforcement, military, construction, outdoor sporting and camping. In addition, users of devices with multiple batteries and frequent battery swap-out — including battery chargers, digital cameras, camera flash units and toys — could also benefit.

This can be called revlutionary since nobody till now thought of creating such a product (which is strange). It is great the Microsoft has done so and we hope that it is successfull in providing all the benefits as mentioned above to the industries and no more frustration for users like us 🙂 What do you think?

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