January 15, 2010

Iphone 4.0 – set to change the game…yet again!

When its Apple, you know it has to be something ‘KILLER’.

Speculations are rife that the next-generation iPhone will be release in mid 2010.  Let’s take a look at some of the features, which as per the rumors, we would see in iphone 4.0.

It is likely to feature a touch-sensitive plastic back casing similar to the company’s Magic Mouse released in October 2009. Apple Magic Mouse lacks any physical buttons on its solid acrylic surface. It allows multi-touch controls that are closer to that of a MacBook trackpad.

It is also said to sport an OLED touchscreen display. With major cellphone makers shifting to AMOLED displays in their latest devices, this seems to be a must from iPhone 4.0. iPhone 4G will have an OLED screen and support video chat, wrote Korea Times quoting a high-ranking official of KT, Apple’s exclusive local partner in South Korea.

Some of the new features are rumored to include a much better and improved battery life, which could give you around 14 to 16 hours talk time and internet time, the iPhone will be thinner and much lighter than the 3GS, there will be the addition of zooming in and out via the camera and video and that there will be an LED flash with the camera.

Reports also say that the next iPhone will have a higher megapixel camera vis-a-vis the current model. The upcoming model is likely to have a 5 megapixel camera which will bring it on par with its newest rival Google Nexus One. Gossip mill also says that Apple will introduce an LED flash in the new model.

Other features mentioned include a much improved and more accurate GPS with a feature called “breadcrumbs”, the 3GS version was about 50 to 100 feet accurate whereas the 4G version will get you to a destination within 5 feet, the “breadcrumbs” feature will trace your path so without the GPS on it will find you way back, yes it will leave little dots on the road apparently.

This really looks like another game-changer from Apple…let’s wait n watch on the stir it creates in the market!


  1. i dont know if the features are so revolutionary to call it a game changer….wats so unique…I think its a logical extension….may be we can consider it a tight slap on the Indian govt who is still struggling to roll over the 3g auction while the world is busy declaring it obsolete and pinning up hopes to 4G..

  2. vishalgaba

    Exactly why I said its a game changer…when comapnies are trying hard to match the original Iphone…Apple has gone ahead and take the features to another level!

  3. Nice piece of information…

  4. ina

    thnx for the update!

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