November 5, 2010

Iphone vs Android vs Blackberry

We all the know the kind of competition that Iphone, Blackberry and Android are trying to give each other. Here is a supercool graphic that potrays how an Iphone user sees a blackberry user and an android user and vice versa. Enjoy it:

Iphone vs Blackberry vs Android



  1. nice graphics

    • vishalgaba

      Thanks Shri 🙂

  2. This cartoon graphic is hilarious! The reason it is so funny to me is because I know someone who owns an iPhone, someone who owns a Blackberry, and someone who owns a Droid! And all of the stereotypins is so on que! Nice post, thanks for the laughs!

    • vishalgaba

      Well, I own an Iphone myself…so you can imagine how funny it would have been for me!

  3. I will anyday bat for Android. Thats the future

    • vishalgaba

      Well, I think all 3 are doing really well in each of there segments. let’s see what the future holds..

  4. Ha-ha! I liked this picture, though I have a Blackberry and see myself a bit different. I will place the link in my blog.

    • vishalgaba

      Sure, please go ahead Diana

  5. Cool! Most of all I like how iPhone users are seen by Android users! Death to iPhone from Android! they have already burried iPhones.

    • vishalgaba

      I am an Iphone users…love the way this has been portrayed 😉

  6. I really enjoyed this cartoon! I guess the author has a good (not offensive) sense of humor! I have an iPhone and I do perceive others in this way!

    • vishalgaba

      Completely agree with you MAX 🙂

  7. Just pay attention that women are only in one group of users – iPhone users. I guess Blackberry and Android have to take it into account.

    • vishalgaba

      Guess that’s more of a perception game and is irrespective of gender.

  8. These are really competing, they almost have advance features. You can just only noticed and provide own feedback once you have own that three. I only have blackberry, yes, all applications works well, I can also download new apps. Physically, this blackberry is elegant. Didn’t try the other yet..

    • vishalgaba

      You should try the others as well. both the iphone and android are revolutionary!

  9. im love blackberry,,,, D: and android too

    • vishalgaba

      i have an iphone myself 🙂

  10. iphone is the best phone and all of this are giving tough competition to each other

    • vishalgaba

      yup, im with you on this:)

  11. Very nice graphical image !

  12. This is spot on and I think that is a good way to make your decision on what phone you want. I think I want to be the Android user out of that list and avoid the Blackberry. But the iPhone is half bad either according to your pictures.

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