September 1, 2010

iPod nano redesigned and iPod touch revamped

ipod nano redesigned

Apple’s fall 2010 was being anticipated as one of the biggest events of the year. While the event is still on, here are some updates on iPod Nano and iPod touch that have just been announced:

iPod Nano – Apple has just revealed its 6th generation iPod nano, which has been outfitted with just about the boldest redesign the portable media player has experienced yet. Gone is the clickwheel, to be replaced with a touchscreen interface and a shuffle-esque square form factor. It’s now 46 percent smaller and 42 percent lighter. Hard volume buttons on the side and a clip on the back provide the minimal hardware accouterments to that multitouch touchscreen, while the inside provides enough juice for 24 hours of audio playback. Seven total color options will be up for grabs, including a Product RED option, with prices set at $149 for 8GB of storage or $179 for 16GB and pre-orders being taken today.

iPod Touch – Current iPod touch wasn’t thin enough for you? Look no further than… well, the new iPod touch just announced today. Naturally, Apple has re-upped its “iPhone without the phone” to include the Retina Display from the iPhone 4, an Apple A4 core, 3-axis gyroscope, Game Center, and FaceTime support thanks to the addition of a front cam. Oh, and speaking of cams, it’s also got a rear cam capable of HD video — but you’ll be paying a bit more than you will for that cute little nano: $229 for 8GB, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB (yep, 16GB and 128GB are both no-shows).

via – engadget


  1. I still don’t have a single apple product… may buy one soon

    • vishalgaba

      Then you should be one right away…

  2. Isn’t iPod nano like the coolest thing ever, I am going to use it like a very expensive watch. It would be really cool to listen to music from a watch.

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