September 18, 2010

Is Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) better than Chrome 6 and Mozilla Firefox 4?

Browser Wars

Microsoft has finally launched its Internet Explorer 9, a browser that promises to change the way we browse the web. IE9 has been re-engineered to use computing power in an interesting way. While you can read our detailed posts on the IE 9 preview and IE 9 launch, let’s do a recap of some of its cool new features:

  • Pinned Sites: Favorite websites can be pinned to the Windows taskbar for shortcut access
  • Tear-off tabs: When users need to use more than one website to accomplish a task, this feature helps with side-by side comparison (using Aero Snap feature in Windows 7)
  • Integrated Windows 7 navigation: Web navigation is easier in Internet Explorer 9 with features that are integrated with Windows 7 navigation, such as Jump Lists, Aero® Snap, tear-off tabs, and thumbnail controls. This allows users to get to their favorite sites and content quickly and carry out common tasks for each site right from the Windows 7 jump list
  • Add-on performance advisor: Notifies users when add-ons are slowing down their browsing session
  • SmartScreen Filter: Now integrates scans into the new Download Manager, using Download Reputation to remove unnecessary warnings for well-known files

While standalone features are great, the questions is  – Where does IE 9 stand in terms of Chrome 6.0 and Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 3?

Here is a comparison amongst the top three browsers on some of the most important parameters that decide how good a browser is:

  • Performance  Performance IE9
  • Security, Reliability and Privacy
  • Security Reliability Privacy IE 9Ease of UseEase of Use IE9
  • Web Standards and Compatibility and Developer Tools
    Web Standards and Compatibility and Developer Tools IE9

So as per the above parameters it is pretty clear the IE 9 is going to shift the game in favor if Microsoft again. If the above features are not enough, here is a video I got from Youtube that tests out IE 9, Chrome 6 and Firefox 4…check it out and see for your self:

Our opinion – we think IE 9 will win this battle of browsers since it has some really great features that give it an edge over other browsers. What do you think?…let us know your opinions


  1. I think IE9 is gonna rule the web again. Im amazed with its new features

    • vishalgaba

      Same here Grigor, it has some rocking new features that are set to change the way we use the web 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t say its’ better than FF or Chrome, as IE9 is still a step behind in web standard support like HTML5.

    • vishalgaba

      Hey Icechen, not sure why you say that since it leads the race in almost every aspect.

  3. great article provides helpful information for readers in the information technology world today. thank you very much, I appreciate your efforts in writing this.

    • vishalgaba


  4. I don’t know if its better than FF or Chrome, which I use extensively but it is definitely better then its previous re-iterations.

    • vishalgaba

      Hey Alex – Yes, it is way better than the previous versions and as far as the testing goes…seems better than Chrome and Firefox too..

  5. I think IE9 is a step ahead than chrome and FF according to surveys. I think IE9 is gonna rule again, its a lot more better than FF and chrome. Thanks for sharing this article.

    • vishalgaba

      Yes, i think IE 9 surely has what it takes to make it the number 1 browser in the market.

  6. I think that IE9 will gain Microsoft a few new users, but dedicated Firefox and Chrome users will stick to their browsers of choice and not swap over. Maybe not as big a deal as it’s being made out to be, time will tell.

    • vishalgaba

      Hey Alex – I think IE9 will help Microsoft surely gain more than a ‘few’ users since it introduces a totally new dimension of web browsing. There are some really cool features that it comes with. The browser war will surely hot up after this!

  7. Nice blog! Got you from catswhocode

    • vishalgaba

      Thanks Satya 🙂

  8. Firefox every time for me- plus it has some great SEO plugins

    • vishalgaba

      Well, yes till now Firefox has some really great plugins for SEO as well as developers.

  9. I believe that Internet Explore nine would be the hit . But then, as of now I am still using Mozilla for I can search faster and I use use this foe two years. Maybe in time, I can reinstall an IE9 in my computer to see its advantage among the two ( Chrome and Mozilla)

    • vishalgaba

      I agree, IE 9 is set to change the web browsing experience. Pretty soon, we will also have a lot of developers creating ad ons for IE 9, as they do for firefox currently.

  10. Nice review buddy 🙂 But my personal feeling is, if I have to put my money I will go to Chrome 🙂

    • vishalgaba

      Hey Vinay, thanks for dropping in. Well, honestly, all the 3 browsers have a decent number of followers now. I just feel IE 9 will be the first choice of individuals looking for better experience while Mozilla remains the first choice of developers. Honestly, have never liked the interface that Chrome provides so can’t say much about it other than that it has loads of followers as well 🙂

  11. Well for me, as an avid fan of Mozilla Firefox, I will not switch to IE9. I will never change the internet browser that I am comfortable using with. Though some say that IE9 is cooler than Firefox, it doesn’t affect me. Mozilla Firefox forever!

    • vishalgaba

      Well, I also like Firefox but I’m going to try IE 9 for sometime since you never know when better technology is introduced…

  12. After the launch of IE9, the market share for IE has increased a bit which clearly shows that IE9 is better than its previous version.

    • vishalgaba

      Hey Sathish – Exactly, that is clear that IE 9 is way better than the previous version of IE.

  13. I liked how you broke down the three browsers strengths, but I’m pretty stubborn and like my Firefox browser. I’ve always had bad experiences with previous IE browsers, so maybe down the road I will return. Never tried Google Chrome, though.

    • vishalgaba

      I agree with you. There have been a lot of issues with some previous versions of IE but IE 9 has a lot of features that could bring it back into the browser race. I like firefox since it is developer friendly as well as pretty user friendly.

  14. No matter which browser we use, but chrome really suckss!!.
    Chrome is good for small users but if you open multiple pages, chrome is DEAD.
    Also there is no restore web page option in Chrome, wht d h***.
    Seriously, google should stick to their home business, no use of creating confusions in market.
    IE 9 is too good, firefox is also good, Opera is cool, as they r professional in this business.

    • vishalgaba

      Well…I have used Chrome and Don’t completely like its interface. Mozilla is great and IE 9 is all set to change the game for Microsoft.

  15. I’ve never been a big IE fan. I used Firefox, then eventually switched to Chrome, which is what I generally use now. As a web developer though, I find it gratifying to see Microsoft taking some steps in the direction of standards-compliance. This all goes to show what competition and the free market can do for a product, and for consumers in general. Before Mozilla, the browsing public was stuck with the cobbled-together, idiosyncratic mess that was IE6 for something like five years. Now, we have at least four excellent, free options on the browser market – a marked improvement to say the least.

    As far as IE9, I haven’t used it enough to take a position on the performance issue. This may seem trivial, but one thing that turned me off was the addressbar – wedged in beside the tabs so tightly you can’t see much of the URL at all. I assume it was a bid to do Google and Mozilla one better in the “clean design” category by freeing up an extra 30px or so of screen real estate, but I think it was a poor trade-off. Maybe someone knows a way to fix this – if so, please share. If not, perhaps MS will fix it in a future release, if others who feel as I do let them know about it.

    • vishalgaba

      I like IE9 and Mozilla….dont quite like chrome…:)

  16. Trying new technologies is my hobby. Honestly I am not a fan of IE since I stuck in using Mozilla Firefox. But I am open to try IE9. I hope it’s better than the previous IE version. Thanks for this post.

    • vishalgaba

      You should try IE9, it is pretty good. I am a mozilla fan myself but loved IE 9 🙂

  17. Nice post! It can really help me a lot in understanding more the internet world. In my own point of view I can’t merely distinguish if which one is better since I am not that rigid in knowing everything because all that I considered is that as long as I can search on the net and it can give me the answers that I need to know it’s okay with me.

    • vishalgaba

      In my view IE9 and mozilla are the best browsers in the market today!

  18. Firefox has a number of great add-ons useful for bloggers. I didn’t see any add-ons category on the comparison table. If IE 9 have corresponding plug-ins then its worth the try.

    • vishalgaba

      Well IE 9 has just come out, you will soon see a whole lot of add ons for it as well….and yes, Mozilla currently has a hell lot of add ons and most of them range from good to great!

  19. Arjun

    Woah!! i’m using ie9 (beta) and chrome. i thought it wasn’t as fast as chrome. but thanks for making me clear.. i’m gonna stick on to ie9 from now on

  20. Carlos

    I’m currently using IE9 RC as my main browser. In the past I’ve used Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. They were all good but IE9 RC is so far my favorite!

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