August 1, 2010

Like a Facebook video – Now you can download it

We all love watching videos shared by friends on Facebook. But, we often tend to forget these videos after a while. Now you can download any video you like on facebook. Here is how to do it:

  1. So you have the video in front of you, just right click on it and select ‘Copy link address'(in internet explorer or ‘Copy link location’ (in mozilla)
  2. Now go to Facebook Video Downloader , enter the link location and click download.

That’s it and your video will start downloading. It is as simple as it gets…so go on and start downloading now!


  1. Nice to hear this, Some body told to me, Social networks orkut only have the choice to share the video, but now facebook also have that choice. Excellent

  2. Wow… this is just awesome. Thanks for this information friend. Facebook Downloader rocks!!!

  3. wow !! thats cools.. I was searching for this a few days before and finally found here.

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