July 10, 2010

LITE tool to gain insights into the social media behaviors

Trend Stream has announced the launch of a smaller version of its Global Web Index – a market research service on web behavior and social media.  This mini version provides anyone with the free of charge chance to view and play with the GlobalWebIndex data, and more importantly to start developing unique insights on social media. The LITE version enables you to get a snapshot of what motivates your audience, what they do online, and how they feel about brands in social media. This data has been extracted from the GlobalWebIndex Wave 2 dataset (January 2010) and it is NOT dummy for demonstration purposes only.

How it works?

You can select country, gender, age bands and an attitudinal outlook (if you want). The attitudes we predefined for demonstration purposes  are based on the people who agree with the following questions:

  • Risk taker: “I like to take risks”
  • Informers: “I regularly inform friends and family on new products and services”
  • Positives: “I feel positive about the global economy”
  • Strivers: “I’m always striving to achieve more in life”
  • Premium Lovers: “I tend to buy the premium version of the product
  • Internationals: “It is important to stay in touch with what is going on in the world”
  • Thrill seeker: “I like to pursue a life of challenge, novelty and change”

Once you define your audience you can analyse them against 3 key areas and against the country average:

  • Motivations for getting online: What do online consumers consider to be “very motivating”. This question covers all reasons for getting online, but look out for social motivations, such as “staying in touch with friends”, “sharing content” or “promoting myself”
  • Social media behaviour: What online consumers have done in the last month online. There are also non social behaviours in there for comparison. In the main research we also cover lapsed usage and non involvement
  • Brands in social media: Which kind of social marketing communications “improve the opinion of a brand” in the eyes of consumers. Again there are non social executions for comparison

You can try it out via the picture above…do let us know your opinions on this.

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