May 18, 2010

Microsoft introduces the new & cool HOTMAIL

Microsoft has introduced Hotmail ( in a new & cool avatar and with features never seen before! The innovative new Hotmail integrates Windows Live Messenger, other email accounts and updates from your social network all within a single intuitive interface that allow you to do so much more with your Hotmail bet it on the Web, mobile phone or a PC.

The new Hotmail brings together emails from other services like Gmail and Yahoo right into your Hotmail Inbox. You can stay active and connected in the social networking scene with updates from Facebook, LinkedIn, etc and Live Messenger integration all within your inbox.  Hotmail users can access images and videos from Bing or photo albums from Windows Live SkyDrive without having to leave their inbox or having to worry about the size of the attachment – as the new Hotmail has a phenomenal 10 GB limit per message. With added capabilities to make your inbox CLUTTER FREE by enabling views by conversations and highlights and Sweep functionality, Hotmail becomes the one stop shop destination for all your virtual needs.

The new interface helps make a clutter-free inbox with features such as:

  • With conversation view never lose a chain of thought or let emails be all over the place
  • One click sweep which allows consumers to take bulk action to clean, delete or organize emails into folders
  • With Automated highlights users can immediately see if they have new e-mail from friends, social network updates, shipments, appointments and birthday reminders — all in a single glance on logging in.
  • Categorization of email which saves precious time wasted by sifting through emails

Underneath the neat & intuitive interface lies a secure emailing experience through:

  • Powerful new spam filters: which the new Hotmail has to help combat spammer infrastructure head-on, which makes sending spam more difficult, and helps cut down on spam.
  • Microsoft SmartScreen: that helps intuitively distinguish between legitimate e-mail messages and spam
  • Trusted Senders a feature that will visually demarcate e-mails in inboxes from specific senders that it recognizes as legitimate, helping users easily tell the good from the scams with a safety logo next to messages from Trusted Senders.

The fun and excitement in enhancing consumers’ digital experience does not stop with just Hotmail, the new version of Windows Live Messenger that was recently launched brings Video Chat in High Definition for a fully loaded experience. It allows consumers to Share photos from SkyDrive and Facebook in real-time and Share and update across social networks with a single click. Further, Live Messenger seamlessly integrates Bing search, making it easier to add links, photos and videos without leaving the conversation window. Another fun and innovative feature is the ability to set availability status by category, for instance, consumers can be online for family, while appearing offline to co-workers! The new Live Messenger is a must-have social dashboard, with updates from across social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace, as well as videos directly from YouTube – all in one place. The new Live Messenger can be previewed today. To preview the messenger click here

So with all new loaded Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger, stop sending emails and start connecting with people you love. Stop Instant Messaging and start having conversations with your buddies.

Check this cool video of the  HOTMAIL preview below;


  1. Would still prefer using Gmail. And if Microsoft is trying to compete with Gmail, then its definitely of no use.

  2. vishalgaba

    @Joel – I think this time Microsoft has got it right with Hotmail. Agreed, earlier it wasn’t as good but this time I’m sure it will give gmail a run for its money!

  3. Saurav

    This looks cool man…lemme try it out…thanks for the info 🙂

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