November 21, 2009

Microsoft releases Office 2010, free online

microsoft-office2010Microsoft has released the beta version of its Office Suite which will be available in a free online edition. Microsoft has said that the software will be free and, similar to Google Docs and its availability to Gmail users, will be available to anyone with a Windows Live! account.

Office Web will use a slimmer, lighter, versions of Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint to customers’ web browsers. The online software will also be free to use for all employees of businesses subscribing to Microsoft’s Software Assurance scheme. These businesses will also have the option to host the software on their own servers rather than on Microsoft’s machines.

There will also be a paid online edition which offers greater control over documents. With the introduction of the free online editions, consumers will have three options: Home and Student (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote), Home and Business (which adds Outlook) and Professional (which adds Access and Publisher).

Large businesses will have 2 options: Standard (which has all the above programs except Access) and Professional Plus (which has everything from the other editions, plus InfoPath, Communicator and SharePoint Workspace).

You can download the same from Microsoft’s website –


  1. Now this looks like a real winner….download started…thanks for d update

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