April 25, 2014

Mom….Till we meet again

A few lines dedicated to the greatness of every mother on this planet.

That first step in the rain

That eternal quest and the pain

I will settle for nothing but the best

Will not bend down or put my soul to rest

I am born to achieve

And everyday, I face the sun with belief

I stand man to man, eye to eye

Not afraid, no fear, not shy

This is my stage, my chance to prove

I will soar to the acme, fly out of my groove

A flight that the world would live to narrate

Every time they say my name there will be a source so great

When a tree climbs…. it’s the roots …who achieve

They get it back for their trust and belief

There have been thousands who have said it and I repeat

There is nothing more than your smile that I want to achieve

You are the one for whom I strive so hard

To make you feel the pride right there, in your heart

I know the route is tough and the distance too large

But I am right there next to you every minute every hour

Mom…have faith…believe me …I can

I write to express not the sorrow, not the pain

But the love that I have saved … for the time we meet again.

One day is not enough to celebrate your greatness but its a beginning none the less. Happy Mother’s Day Maa…


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