October 29, 2010

Mother kills son for interrupting Farmville session

Mom Kills FarmvilleNow this is shocking to say the least! We all know how successful Farmville, the game from Zynga has been in engaging users. But this surely crosses all limits. Alexandra V. Tobias, a 22-year-old ex-mother from Jacksonville, Florida shook her  three-month-old son to death because he interrupted her while she was playing FarmVille.

The mother says that she took offense when her son tried to come to her as she was pulling turnips out of the ground…that is really unbelievable!  The mother also says that she shook the baby, smoked a cigarette to calm down, then went back to shaking him. She suggests he might have hit his head while she was doing so. Due to state guidelines, she could be in prison for 25 to 50 years.

Next time you disturb someone playing Farmville, just take care!



  1. I do not believe she is mother. She is dark spot on the name of mother.

  2. bizarre!

  3. That is totally crazy. I did not know that people could get so much addicted to Internet as to even do a murder. Damn, the world is going crazy

  4. OMG…. it’s crazy how this kind of things could come… Some people are really mad!!!

    • vishalgaba

      Yes…completely MAD!

  5. cnt belive that a mother could ever kill her son coz of a game

    • vishalgaba


  6. Unfortunately, that’s the reality of our life – we pay more attention to some virtual worlds and forget about real one. I guess she has a big problem called ‘facebook obsession’.

    • vishalgaba

      That needs to be changed…this is a strange thing altogether. One shouldn’t let the obsession reach to such an extent!

  7. I don’t see ‘mother’ here – just virtual mum that prefer carrots or something else to a child. I’d kill such people.

    • vishalgaba

      Agree..such people should be given the strictest form of punishment ever!

  8. seems like social media is more addictive than drugs, what kind of mother would do such to her child, her brain was probably screwed by social media.

    • vishalgaba

      Yes..obsession of ANY KIND is bad!

  9. Yeah, I know the media is going to run this as a game addiction story, but it isn’t. It’s a crazy-person-with-a-baby story. It’s a child abuse story. A person that unbalanced could have been doing ANYTHING when they snapped, it just so happened they were playing a game. It’s a shame that the focus isn’t going to end up where it should, all in the name to creating a buzz.

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