March 31, 2010

Motorola Milestone…truly a milestone phone

The much awaited Motorola Droid has made its debut in India. The phone will be called Motorola Milestone here and as the name suggests the device has been a milestone for the company which was on the verge of shutting down its entire handsets manufacturing department. The phone soon became a bestseller in the US market and brought the company back in business.

Let’s take a look at what the Milestone has on offer;

  • Milestone is amongst the thinnest QWERTY sliders (13.7mm or 1.37cm).
  • It comes with a lifetime free access to fully voice-guided street-level navigable maps of 401 Indian cities. This offers voice-guided navigation and routing in the cities and across major national and state highways.
  • As an Android mobile, it packs a punch with a suite of Google mobile applications including Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube.
  • It has a 5-megapixel camera at the rear with dual-LED flash, AutoFocus, and image stabilization.
  • It supports Stereo Bluetooth / BT 2.1, USB 2.0 High Speed and comes with a 3.5mm jack as well.
  • It comes preloaded with an 8GB memory card which is expandable.
  • The phone also has Motorola’s proprietary Crystaltalk technology.
  • Last but by no means the least; it is powered by ARM Cortex A8 processor. This is the same processor that powers the iPhone 3GS and the the Omnia HD.

There is no doubt that Milestone is amongst one of the best smartphones across the globe. At a price of Rs.32,990, I’m still not sure how big a market Motorola will be able to capture with it.


  1. man…this android platform is everywhere now a days……no one is going for windows and others………..
    my frnd bought a samsung mobile…….obviously with android…..and it’s really a cool phone….though i’m a huge fan of Nokia….and don’t think will buy any other brand out ….but really hope they bring something good……………
    Moto, sony, samsung…….these brands are just not that much reliable……when i was in Delhi…..everyone ther was carrying a Nokia…..and it was so popular brand ther…..but here in Bengaluru……’s all Sony…….though i don’t see any market for Moto here too…….hope this phones attracts some customers….for them

    love the variety you bring to THE OPINION

  2. vishalgaba

    πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot Hitesh…

    I agree…it is Nokia everywhere in Delhi but for the past 1-2 years the scenario is changing. Other phones are gaining share in the market and Nokia’s share has been declining especially in the high-end market. I’m currently on an I-phone and its great to see companies coming up with budget touchscreen phones…wonder what’s gonna happen to the prices now!

  3. Abhinav Budhiraja

    your blog is a great way to track things happening in world.

    Kudos !!

  4. vishalgaba

    Thanks a lot Abhinav πŸ™‚

  5. Sarthak

    This is a great phone…every review I’v read talks highly about this phone. My choice of the new phone is getting tougher n tougher….

  6. Naman

    This is a phone that I’m using currently and I must say that I’m totally impressed by it. It is, as u say truly a milestone phone. The only reason why I see it not doing well in India is coz of the Motorola brand name which is at an all time low right now…other wise this phone rocks πŸ™‚

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