November 13, 2009

Movie Review: 2012

who-will-survive-2012-movie-trailer-november-2009With a couple of states just passing by the cyclone Phyan, the timing of 2012 seems to be perfect. With John Cusack and Amenda Peet, the startcast seems perfect. The director, Roland Emmerich (Independence Day and Day After Tomorrow), seems the perfect man to direct a disaster movie like 2012. Unfortunately, what you see is a DISASTER.

Yes, the special effects are FANTASTIC and something that’s never been seen before. The director shows almost every natural disaster in the movie be it earthquake or Tsunami or Volcano.  But when you go for a movie you expect some kind of SENSIBLE storyline as well!!!

Some unrealistic cases:

Case 1: US government is aware of the destruction but remains silent and focused on saving only the high class people and not the entire world.

Case 2:  You witness huge US skyscrapers, statues crumbling down and while everything is falling off, the hero and his family are safe…not even a single scratch

Only one man can save the world, while the governments sit pretty…wow…are we watching a Sunny Deol movie?  Well, by the end of it you are wishing that the world should come to an end so that the movie is over.

The final word: If you enjoy special effects…you should definitely watch it, that’s the only saving grace of the movie…and I will say again…they are BRILLIANT or I’ll rather say JUST the special effects are brilliant.

Rating – 2.5/5 (only for the awesome special effects)


  1. Neha

    As u said..its only special effects..nothing else!

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