May 1, 2010

Movie Review: Housefull…is Aweful…!!!

I think Sajid Khan realized soon that he made a bad movie and so he got his team together and told them, “Look Akshay, Riteish, Arjun, Lara, Deepika, Jiah, Boman and Lilette, I just saw the movie and its turned out really bad, so I have a plan, let’s go out and open our mouths saying… it will be the best movie of 2010, it will beat ‘My Name is Khan’ and break all records and Akshay is the best and Riteish rocks and blah blah blah!!!

I must acknowledge that I liked Hey Baby and  expected Housefull to be a decent one. But just the way MR SAJID KHAN has gone about the promoting it saying, “other directors still don’t know what the audience wants, I know it….etc etc etc” along with the things I mentioned above, I was skeptical that what this movie will be about.

HOUSEFULL is a story of the world’s unluckiest man, Aarush [Akshay Kumar] aka Panauti.  The story starts with his deep friendship with Bob (Riteish Deshmukh) and his wife, Hetal (Lara Dutta), who suggest he get married to change his fortune. In this search for true love, he gets married to the daughter [Jiah Khan] of a wealthy businessman Kishore Samtani [Randhir Kapoor] who is in love with someone else…Then comes in Sandy [Deepika Padukone], who falls in love with Aarush.

Right after that follows a series of complicated and unwanted situations as Sandy’s brother, Major Krishna Rao [Arjun Rampal] and Hetal’s father, Batuk Patel [Boman Irani] enter the scene. To impress Krishna Rao and Batuk Patel, the couples fall in the trap of continuous lies which land them up in more trouble. How Aarush and Bob come out of the web of lies is the plot of the movie!

Talking about performances, I have always loved Akshay Kumar, he’s been delivering duds after duds and I  expected he might make a comeback with one of these movies. But how can that be a comeback when your choice of movies is going wrong…sad to say he is losing his status! Riteish does well but he and Akshay can’t do much when the script and screenplay is faulty. Arjun Rampal is good in his stern attitude but comes across uncomfortable in comic scenes, Lara Dutta tries hard in vain, Deepika is good and Jiah Khan hardly gets scope to show her skills. Boman plays the ‘Kantaben’ and Lillete Dubey’s talent is wasted!

I like the music, especially Oh girl your mine and Apni to jaise taise (Mika has done a great job)… 🙂

In the end, I just have one thing to say to Mr. Sajid Khan, “Sajid Sir, unfortunately you don’t know WHAT AUDIENCE WANTS, you may think you do but you DON’T. Hey Baby was good but Housefull is BAD”

Final Word – if you have 100 scenes of comedy, everyone will surely laugh in about 10 of them. For those 10 scenes and the music;

My Rating – 2/5


  1. Sounds like a really sad movie…the promos had put me off.
    I like slapstick comedy but this seemed way over the top.
    Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. vishalgaba

    It is a sad movie..please AVOID!!!

  3. Sajid Khan opening his sorry trap ensures that I will not pay any money to go and watch it. He’s the kind who makes you want to watch everything on MUTE…:) But you have ensured that I don’t even try to catch it online…

  4. vishalgaba

    @Journomuse – Yes, it is actually a very very bad movie…Akshay Kumar is disappointing movie after movie..

  5. I think Akshay is going over the top with his silly acting…Thanks…Won’t watch, Ever!

  6. Thanks man for sharing your views.. Won’t watch 😀

  7. vishalgaba

    @ Nalini – Bang on…Akshay is going over the top with every new movie…n its disappointing to say the least!

    @ Sajid – Surely, you shouldn’t watch it…

  8. atul

    I have always been a bit suprised when people used to say Akshay is a good actor..for me he was horrible and always remain just that..i like Saif a bit..and i give him 4 /10

    Akshay has no sense of timing of sense of play of sense of ne thing in acting at all

    abt Sajid…at least ur sister’s movies are in my tolerable list..u should just hide behind Suresh ( Menon’s) talent so that we dont beat u up with bricks

    what a waste ..what a monumental waste of everything

    the worst part is total abuse of few of our best acting talents today..viz Boman,Riteish ,Lilette, and Lara is a hidden out for her

    and some one plz tell that Padukone gurl..this aint Florida or Melbourne..and just wearing a saree alone wont help her either…

    and finally for god sake Riteish..SOLO LEAD MOVIE plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. vishalgaba

    @Atul – I think you’ve just seen the movie or it’s fresh in your mind…this is actually what I was going through when I was watching the movie.

    Akshay – I really like him but over the past year and a half…he has been doing rubbish movies. I hope Akshay realizes this and does some good movies…
    Yes, Sajid Khan needs a kick on the way he went about promoting his movie when there was nothing in it…Farah’s movies are very good in comparison to Housefull.

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