July 15, 2008

Movie Review: Jaane tu ya..Jaane na

jaaneture_fullThere are some movie which are really good and one can relate to right away.Loads of movies like these which are low budget go unnoticed and one tends to feel,if only they would have been marketed well enough or there had been one star in the movie ppl would have gone on and watched it.

JAANE TU….YA JAANE NA fulfils all of the criteria;

1. It has been marketing brilliantly (quite obvious when Aamir Khan is there)
2. Brilliant Music ( Aditi,Pappu,jaane tu,Nazren milana etc etc etc)
3. Star Presence (im’talkin of the promotion by Aamir Khan which has made IMRAN KHAN already a star)
4. Fantastic performances by each and every one in the movie.

The whole college group has performed brilliantly.The movie takes you back to your college days(I can say so 4 myself atleast).College group and friends are frnds for life.One last stuff in my small review – Genelia (Aditi) is tooooo cuteee

Go watch this movie its a fun ride all the way !

My Rating – 4/5 


  1. This was a disaster movie !!! IMRAN KHAN SUCKSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

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