January 8, 2011

Movie Review: No One Killed Jessica

"review no one killed jessica"

Finally, after the problematic No Problem and disastrous Tees Maar Khan, we have a good movie by the name of  No One Killed Jessica…relief!

No One Killed Jessica is a film based on one of India’s most written about case and something that most of us are aware of. Director Rajkumar Gupta has always made sensible movies [loved Aamir] and this time he narrates the story of the progress of Jessica murder case over the years! No One Killed Jessica is a film that unleashes many emotions in you showcases the power of common man and how getting together can make a difference.

NOKJ is a fast paced crime drama that keeps you involved with its water tight screenplay, again by Rajkumar Gupta and powerful dialogues. Such a story could easily have gone into the ‘documentary’ mode but the director, with his dramatic direction of the subject manages to hold your attention all the time.

All the characters come up with commendable performances. After Paa and Ishqiya, Vidya gives another superb performance portraying the iconic Sabrina Lall brilliantly! Rani Mukherjee is wonderful as the journalists fighting against the system. A special word for Rajesh Sharma [cop]…he plays the cop act to perfection.

The film has a superb first half and second half could have been better with a few minutes of editing in the second half. But overall, the great performances and super direction make No One Killed Jessica a worthwhile viewing.

Overall rating – 4/5


  1. Great. I am looking forward to this movie

  2. Great. I am looking forward to this movie

  3. A lot of our thoughts match on the film Vishal but I wasn’t wowed by the film. Here’s what I think –

  4. I saw No One Killed Jessica, a provoking movie giving an insight on judicial system in India. A must watch.

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