November 19, 2009

Movie Review: Kurbaan

First things first….KURBAAN…is a must watch! Many people see KURBAAN as a movie on the lines of New York, but let me tell you that apart from the backdrop i.e. terrorism…there aren’t any similarities.

Coming to theKurbaan movie;  Kurbaan has 2 parallel tracks – the love story of Saif & Kareena and the story of Islamic terrorists. I will not talk about the stories as that would spoil all your fun fun but trust me, movie offers a new twist within every 15-20 minutes that catches your attention.  The highlight is the 30 minute climax which leaves you in a SHOCK. The ending is sure to leave you awestruck!

The music of the movie, in one word is SOOTHING. The songs take the movie forward and are a good fit unlike what’s happening these days (I’m reminded of chiggy wiggy…still wondering where that song came from?) My favorite songs from the movie are Shukran Allah, Ali Maula and Kurbaan Hua.

As for the performance….this is amongst Saif Ali Khan’s best performances till date. He excels in a difficult role and underplays his character wonderfully. Kareena Kapoor after a while…gives a brilliant performance….close to what she did in Jab We Met.  The surprise package, Vivek Oberoi, packs a punch and his performance is sure shot signal that says… ‘I’m back’. Rest of the cast includes best names of bollywood; Om Puri, Dia Mirza, Kirron Kher and Nauhed Cyrusi who are great in their brief roles.  Not to forget, Rensil D’Silva, the debutant director, although you never feel that its a debutant director at the helpm of affairs. He should be lauded for choosing a subject like terrorism and executing it to perfection!

Final Word…Kurbaan might not seem to be a mass entertainer, but for everyone who understands cinema and is a movie fan…you have to WATCH IT, it will keep you on the edge of your seat for the 2 . 5 hours!

Rating – 4/5


  1. vg

    Initial part (first 20 minutes) totally lacks content…….and goes super fast ….it seems the Director wanted to come straight to the main part and hence limited attention paid to this part. Except the song ‘Shukran Allah’ that saves it……..(and mind you, the song comes from no where, atleast this one).

    Movie does have a few twists, but most of it is predictable once you get to know the first one…the actors have performed well, Saif in particular. Vivek is good, but his role is limited.

    I agree, songs are good and soothing. On the whole, I think movie at a few places lacks finesse, that was there in say ‘New York’ or a ‘Wednesday’. Nevertheless, a must watch…….atleast once.

  2. Swati

    Nice movie…although I liked New York more…my rating would be 3/5

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