March 20, 2010

Movie Review: Love, Sex Aur Dhokha (LSD)….It's different!

He’s back….the man who gave us ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’ and ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’….Dibakar Bannerjee now brings ‘Love, Sex aur Dhokha’.  There’s one thing that’s clear – when you watch a Dibakar Bannerjee movie – it has to be truly HATKE…not only in terms of storyline but almost every aspect of filmmaking!

LSD takes India cinema one step ahead, not by telling a bold and a stark story but for the hand-held camera style of filmmaking which was first seen in Blaire Witch project and more recently in the amazing horror flick Paranormal Activity.

The story has 3 subplots. The first has a final year college student Rahul (Anshuman) planning his diploma film which is more of a DDLJ spoof. Through the filming process he falls in love with the heroine of his film (Shruti) with whom he gets married.

The second is of a store manager Adarsh (Raj Kumar Yadav) who tries to woo the store salesgirl Rashmi (Neha Chauhan) and capture his sexual act on the store security camera. The third has a defeated and desperate for work journalist Prabhat (Amit Sial) who rescues a girl called Mrignaina (Arya Devdutta) from her suicide attempt and post that plans a sting operation against the country’s top pop star Loki Local (Herry Tangri).

When you watch the stories, they are good as a standalone but the way these stories have been correlated is beautiful!

Dibakar Bannerjee shows his versatility as a director with different subjects and some real good characterization. I just love the way he adds the ‘Dilli masala’ in his movies 🙂

The cast is entirely new and that acts in favor of the movie. A known face would have made it difficult to relate to the story. Each member seems to be perfect in their roles and performs brilliantly. Great choice of actors! My favorite character – Loki Local!

On the whole, LSD is a low budget experimental film which should click with people looking for ‘good cinema’. It is a brilliantly made and an entertaining film.

Final Word – Love Sex Aur Dhokha has aur bahut kuch on offer….don’t miss it!

My Rating – 4/5


  1. Thanks for the review. Going by the name I thought it to be C grade porno movie. Now, having read your recommendations, I shall watch.

  2. Thanks for this amazing review. I knew this was going to be a hit, because of the topic it has touched. And Dibakar Banerjee, the master hand director has done a wonderful job..

    I haven’t seen the film. I can’t, actually…because it’s an A rated film. But still, I really want to watch it for its different and hatke take!

  3. it’s a good movie……though the medium they are trying to show may be a bit adult….but whatever Dibakar has shown on the screen is really good……the first story of Honor killing was really sad and true…….i have heard a lot of these cases……….

    it is one of the best of the year till now…..

  4. vishalgaba

    @ S.R. and Parth – Thanks 🙂 and You should definitely watch it, it’ll b worth d money and time spent!
    @ Hitesh – Yes, infact all the stories seem to be real life and we have heard of them here or there….and I agree, it’s one f the best of 2010!

  5. well yesterday I watched “oye lucky lucky oye” and I was really impresssed by dibankar’s way story telling……which as u said is no doubt conventional but one step ahead………of indian cinema…..
    LSD no doubt will be different…….

  6. Not much of a Hindi Movie watcher…love English though….but this one I must see bcoz of your review, I guess.

  7. Looking forward to watching it.

  8. Daring but nothing extraordinary.

  9. vishalgaba

    @ Pankul – It is different
    @ Nalini – Well, yes, I really liked the movie…there may b people who would not like it…but I’m sure if you are a hollywood movie viewer then you will like it!
    @Hari – Sure, let me know how you liked it?
    @ Debojit – It is daring and a must watch for the sheer different way that the movie has been made, the stories have been linked and the performances of newcomers!

  10. nikhil kharoo

    completely disagree for once, one of d very few movies when i have felt 275 rupees have gone waste. The movie gives its audiences nothing even the actors in the movie are below par and as i saw ‘LSD mein Love bahut kam, Sex bahut zyada aur Dhokha hi Dhokha hai’ 🙂

  11. Gaurav

    Loved it

  12. MovieBuff

    Really Really liked it…as you said it is actually different!

  13. LSD truly is impressive walk in a new direction in indian cinema!
    do check out our article on LSD at

    its not exactly a review!

  14. vishalgaba

    @ Nikhil – Well, it your view…but I totally disagree with with..I really like the movie from both a directorial as well as performance point of view!

    @Gaurav & Movie buff – Same here…loved it too

    @Q4C – Well written…liked it!

  15. Shashank

    I loved the movie 🙂

  16. hey thanks for the review 🙂 I have heard this movie is fantastic…will definitely see it. I loved Khosla ka Ghosla.

  17. yep – this movie sure a must-watch – a very creative way of filming the movie. also it is supported by 3 sub-plots making it an enjoyable watch!

  18. Ashu

    Loved it 🙂

  19. Nice review. I had written this movie off. After taking the opinion of some of my friends. But now I’ll definitely watch it. Though now I can only catch it on DVD.

  20. vishalgaba

    @Namita -Yes, you should watch it…it’s real and its different. The fun is the treatment of the movie…I’m yet to meet cinema lover who didn’t like this movie…so go ahead and watch it 🙂

  21. Hello Mr. Vishalgaba,
    your post is really nice about Love, Sex Aur Dhokha. u describe in a clear way all aspects of movie. I am not a professional blogger but I would like to say pls visit my blog on and read my blogs.

  22. I watched it recently and totally agree with you.. I loved the way stories are different but connected…

    Though i feel, If the name of the movie were different, it wud have got much better response 🙂

  23. vishalgaba

    @Ram – thanks…sure will visit.

    @Ayush – Thanks :)…yes, maybe that would have worked better!

  24. I have read only good reviews of this movie. Plan to watch it.

  25. Great Review

  26. vishalgaba

    @Indian homemaker – you should surely watch it…let me know whether your view 🙂

    @Gourav – thanks 🙂

  27. Saint U

    I have just seen this film at the MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival) – I think I have had an aha moment. I have to date seen Pulp Fiction three times – and fallen asleep each time. I have read the script – the script is very good. I have seen Amores Perros which I thought was the most believable in terms of its context and situation. So here’s another triptych – the Indian version. Hmmm so now we have a triptych of triptychs.
    Well the aha moment is that I’m in the immeasurable position of having remembered seeing a snuff film when I was 18 in 1978 – Art School text for theory …so we were told. Apparently they are illegal. We were told afterward it was not real – whatever. I guess that one kind of did it for me. Oh yeah and later that year we had Clockwork Orange for dessert. Which at the time I loved but now become quite traumatised whenever I go anywhere near it.
    I am so bored with this type of filmmaking. Not because I need anything stronger to roll it for me, but that I simply don’t follow that people actually discover some sort of sick pleasure/knowledge (or acquisition thereof)/pop culture status in voyeurism at this level.
    Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in today. And I do now have a headache.
    Sorry folks it’s not different at all – but is the Indian version of the other two. Even the basic structure is the same. The turning points are all in the same places. There’s token thugs …token violence …token sex …token hand-held cam …token low budget. All a bit of a blaaahhh really. Of course we know this type of behaviour goes on in violent communities/families that hide behind organised religion. I can turn on the news, watch a doco. And what’s new? That it comes out of India? Well I suppose that’s new. I guess someone had to do it. I don’t want to tap into this information at an entertainment level. I’ve long past hit saturation point and have now reached critical mass.

  28. amar

    well the film and the hype is a rip off fro Adam Rifkin’s “look” which is the real pathbreaker

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