December 5, 2009

Movie Review: Paa…Paa kasam dil le liya

Paa-Amitabh-Bachchan-Abhishek-Bachchan-Vidya-Balan-5After watching PAA, most of said this…..Maa kasam..oops sorry…PAA KASAM, dil le liya 🙂

PAA is a fantastic experience which again proves BIG B is best in whatever he does… one more excellent performance by this legend. A simple story narrated through simplistic yet OUTSTANDING performances, BRILLIANT music and FANTASTIC direction! It’s not a movie that revolves around the disorder in a child however Progeria has been excellently used to narrate the rarest plot.

Inspite of his condition, Auro is a happy boy. He lives with his mother Vidya, a gynaecologist, and is completely clueless of his father’s identity till he meets him, Amol who is a full of ideals politician. PAA looks at a variety of relationships very minutely and all of them play equally important parts in the movie.

The first hour of PAA is interesting in patches but the second hour especially the final half an hour are excellent. It is great to see that the movie has several light movements because a totally serious presentation would have made it a sob-sob movie!

The director R. Balki deserves an ovation for the fantastic narration and secondly, going out of the way to DILUTE BRAND BACHCHAN and Paa-Amitabh-Bachchan-Abhishek-Bachchan-Vidya-Balan-1present him in a never before avatar. Mind you, it takes guts to hide the biggest star in the country and present him like Balki has done! Big B deserves all accolades for this performance. Without demeaning any of his previous performances, his role of AURO will be remembered for a long long time. Coming to others; Abhishek Bachchan puts in a great performance as a politician, Vidya Balan proves that given a good role, she can compete with the best. She excels in her role as Auro’s mother and a dad-cum-friend, Paresh Rawal is supremely effective in his role and so is the kid, Pratik, who plays Auro’s best buddy. Jaya Bachchan’s presence is a PLEASANT surprise!

The music is soothing and Ilaiya Raja’s tunes take you back to the old times. The review of PAA cannot be complete without a mention of the make up artists, Christien Tinsley and Dominie Till who made BIG B into AURO…well done boss!

A final word: there are absolutely NO REASONS for you to miss a movie like PAA…go watch it people!

Rating – 4/5


  1. Nitika

    Loved the movie…AURO is too cute

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