My Work

I work as a Marketing Specialist with one of the best media companies in India. The best part of my job is the fact that it pushes me to “think”. At least I don’t know many jobs which would have you think for 60% of your time.

A typical day at work starts with a brief from the client demanding development of a new media property/concept that can marry editorial efficacy with a compelling on-ground event and engage the audience to take notice of its brand.

After a cup of coffee and some basic research about the brand, the team locks itself in the AV room and start the brain-storm session. As the excited Eurekas and the clandestine murmurs settle scores in a couple of hours, we have a list of solutions that can make the cut. Once we have the ideas, it comes to presentation.

Right from searching images to creating dummies to writing copy for those compelling ad concepts, it all culminates into one presentation that will be the vessel of our ideas on their way to the client’s shore.

Next day-We meet the client and unleash the concepts with passion and grit. Every reaction is registered and every feedback is written on the story board. Sometimes we celebrate the applause from the client and on other days we get back to the story board for creating another idea that will live to say Good Morning to our 34 Million readers some day.

Here is my funda for a blissful professional life. Hope my job lives up to it and I do likewise… forever


Yes I Need Money to live with dignity

Yes I need power to have my way

My earnings should certainly finance the pursuit of my passion

But if you ask me, “Why do I work?”

I do it for the joy of “Creation”

PS: You might want to have a look at some of my work. Check out my creative portfolio from the top widget in the left-hand panel of the page.