April 20, 2010

Operate 4 numbers from 1 SIM…Motorola iSim

Just weeks after launching its globally successful handset, Motorola Milestone, the company is planning to introduce multi-number based SIM called iSIM(intelligent SIM) to India. The facility will allow the cellphone users to use up to four numbers in a single set without using more than one SIM.

Let’s get into the details now – Motorola iSIM is a flexible and powerful platform that helps mobile operators and enterprises to enable mobile lifestyle experiences effectively and efficiently. iSIM empowers service providers with ease, flexibility and freedom to implement compelling end-user applications services in a cost-effective manner and to drive adoption. It is based on a flexible wafer that can be attached to the subscriber’s original SIM providing additional services that can be controlled via SIM took kit (STK) allowing third party developers to build applications and services.Some of the applications enabled by Motorola iSIM platform:

  • Multiple IMSI Profiles
    • Each iSIM supports upto 4 IMSI profiles. Each IMSI Profile can be provisioned to one phone number.
    • Subscriber can switch between different phone numbers provisioned to different networks or same network without changing the SIM cards
  • Smart Dialer
    • Smart Dialer serves as an easy-to-use STK menu that stores calling card numbers, login names, and PIN numbers.
    • Smart Dialer allows the users making IP phone calls directly without inserting dialing prefix. Users can enjoy IP call or call-back service discount rate anywhere and anytime.
  • Secure Enterprise Message
    • Encrypted SMS – SMS communications are protected against eavesdropping and message spoofing by the employment of the strong Twofish1 symmetric cypher. Secret keys can be assigned to individual phone numbers. It can have dozens of keys for communication in large enterprises –including secret keys that can be hidden against a user (users then do not know the keys and cannot view them).
    • Killer SMS – it is possible to define a special “Killer SMS” that blocks or resets the mobile phone when it is lost or stolen. This makes it impossible to make calls, or otherwise manipulate the phone, when used together with the SIM card PIN and phone locking.
    • Alerting SMS – messages display directly on the recipient’s mobile phone. The user can read and reply the message instantly.
    • Private Store – securely store the private information, e.g. passwords, bank accounts, credit card numbers, etc.
  • Parental Control Service
    • Parental control services making mobile phones safer and better adapted to children community.
    • Will help parents to manage their children’s approved number’s list. Parents can then monitor the child’s use of the mobile phone through an easy-to-use portal web site, including, who they communicate with, how much they use the phone and when they use it.
  • Control and Master Phone Menu
    • iSIM can be pre-stored with many industry applications. The partners can reset the end users’ phone menu and customize the special applications on target users’ phones to mobilize their enterprises’ business rapidly.
    • iSIM service provider will send PUSH SMS timely to alert new update, and the users can download the new applications to the phone menu via OTA.
  • Mobile Banking and One Time Password
    • With Motorola iSIM, financial service, providers are able to issue their security tokens “into” their customer’s mobile phones and offer financial services in a trusted environment which is not tied to particular mobile operator. The financial service providers are able to manage the lifecycle of the security tokens including issuing, cancellation and renewal.
    • Small enterprises can provide end-to-end real time payment confirmations via iSIM SMS. The merchants and purchasers can also use bank money transfer via iSIM STK function.
    • To resolve vulnerability issue, a new solution to safeguard one’s confidential data is the dynamic password, a security token that generates random passwords. This new dynamic password technology has been integrated into the mobile network/ handset/ smart card environment, presenting to consumers the latest solution – OTP (One Time Password).


  1. Rupali

    Interesting concept… lets see wen it cums to the markets…

  2. Yajur Kochhar

    Technology is growing really fast!!!

  3. olyveitif

    That will be’s a pain handling 2 phones..thanks for the info 🙂

  4. Ronit

    This is really cool…thanks for the info Vishal

  5. Malini

    This is great…thanks for the info Vishal

  6. How will this work in markets where phones come sim locked to one network? If an iSim has profiles for 4 different networks, will only one profile work?

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