August 1, 2010

Project MyWorld from Realtime Worlds set to change the virtual world

Realtime Worlds has come up with a unique idea of gaming and will enter the virtual worlds business with Project: MyWorld, a 3D world with social features. The project seeks to recreate the entire planet as a virtual playground for social networking and social gaming.

This world will use map information from GIS services to create 3D avtaars of all countries.  Since this will be a ‘wiki-like’ platform users can then edit the procedurally generated data using special in-game tools. The focus of the company here is make buildings as real as possible. Users can interact with this collaboratively created virtual world by playing games existing on specific locations. Featured games will let users fish, drive, farm and fly.

The game will monetize by letting users purchase virtual properties that they can then collect rents from. Project: MyWorld will drive social interaction by integrating with Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare and Facebook. The project is expected to be launched in 2011.

In our view, this is a project that could revolutionize virtual gaming and could give platforms like Second Life and GoJiyo a run for their money. You could also expect some new and cool changes made by these two once Project My World near completion.


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